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  1. Hi Paul I don't think they would mind at the end of the day your a paying customer. Remember to book well in advance if there is a few of of you going. By the way the onsite cafe is not open untill september. So i would recommend you take a camping stove if you want breakfast in the morning. They do have food onsite like tinned food and microwave food.( they have a micro you can use there) other wise you can just go into the local village for food it's only 5min's away. Your fishing gear will be safe to leave. I did'nt have any problem's when I went into the village I just left my gear there and had no prob's. Before I forget you can take a a disposable barbie if you want they have brick barbie's you can put them on around the lake. Hope this help's Philsy
  2. Hi paul not sure how far angelsey is for you but the fishery up there is great. It's called Llyn y gors it's in the middle of nowhere and is so peacefull. Here's the website address for you to have a look at http://www.llynygors.co.uk/welcome.html. Make sure you book in advance as it is a very busy fishery it's around £25 a night to fish. and if you can get on the old carp lake and try and set up on the place called THE POINT. Try and cast near the island if you get that peg there's 16 peg's all with different name's. That's one of the best. hope this help's. philsy
  3. Hi can anybody tell me What are the best bed/chair's to buy under £100. there are so many to choose from. If anyone can give some advice on the one's you have got or tryed I would be very greatfull. Cheer's Philsy
  4. Hi henda11. I was in the same boat as you a few week's back and I found this shop called fishing repulic in swinton. I got one of there combo deal's and I was very pleased with it. Here's the website address it shoud take you the deal I got. http://www.fishingrepublic.org/product_inf...roducts_id=3073. it was only £80 for two rods 12foot 2.5lb test curve two baitrunners a stainless steal pod and two bite alarm's and drop indicator's. the price shound have been around £205. Like I say I'm happy with what I have got for the price and the quality look's good to. hope this help's. cheer's philsy
  5. Hi can anybody tell me of any good fisheries in cumbria. Where I can night fish for carp. Any links to websites as well would gratefull. Cheers philsy
  6. Thank's mjb and fisherman. I need a intermediate more as I am fishing at esthwaite water on tuesday so i hope the weather picks up.
  7. Can anybody tell what are the best fly line to go for. I am new to the sport and would like some advice what the best line is between £30 and £50 pounds i am looking for floating and intermediate WF7. Any advice would be great.
  8. Hi can anybody tell me if the sixth sense fly line is any good. Or can anyone recommend a good intermediate fly line.
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