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  1. multistrand got it on order......thx guys..hope i get better results on the controller with this line. il let ya know how it goes.
  2. where can i buy some of that multistrand..... can you give me a link to the multistrand line please, im not sure what im looking for exactly for surface fishing....im using a 10 pound mainline atm...i also need a good landing net i got a small 1 which wont hold 20 pounders & a massive 1 which would probably land jaws i could do with a good tack shop online if you know any. il get the multistrand & the net from there il have to order online dont thnik they have it in my tack shop. would you suggest i go 20 pound mainline & use a 10-15 pound multistrand? i dont mind spending a bit of cash i need some good mainline & hooklengths... the mianline will be for ledger & float and as mainline for floating bread could you recommend a excellent mainline that does wrinkle up and good for all types of carp fishing & doesnt go kirly? mine seems to go kirly and wrinkled after a while...
  3. thx guys...excellent advice....i also fancyed trying popup boilys for the surface combined with a hair rig is this advisable & how could i make my own with just basic house hold ingredients? & what ingredient should i use & what procedure would i take. thankew the bread is annoying on the controller setup they keep biting the bait off & leaving the hook ..
  4. yeh can you recommend a home made mix for boily popus so i can use them for the surface
  5. yeah it is they suck it in & out & headbutt it,poke it So il try grease line & longer hooklength thx
  6. Hi, I use a special surface fishing for carp normally with float ledger style but on some pools & pegs its important to get out further & less clumsy than my style so i decided to try a basic float controller with 2 feet hook length from float a size 8 hook & some bread. Iv been watching the fish swim up to my bait & look at it & they swim off 70% of the time,& sometimes they grab it and drop it again. could somone explain why they would do this i know its probably 1 of the following but prefere pro advice... i think its this : line drooping down from bait or my hook is showing. my line allways sinks from the controller to my hook would this be the case? & What can i do....i heard somone mention greasing the line, & what should i grease it with... or is it something else?
  7. steve walkers diagram is exactly how i fish for big carp & i tell u now it works... iv had days of 20-30 carp biggest 17 pound on a pool i fish, but i dont think the carp go much bigger at this pool....so give it a wiz....the only prob iv had with this is if i tighten the lines to much & they take it they end up ripping the bait of without being hooked so i tighten the main line then lower the rod so it gives a bit of slack for the line that dangles with the hook bait on. so it gives them space to suck in the bait & move off......this is because im using bread though, if your using or glueing dog biscuits you might not need any slack in your hook length.. this technique hooks the fish automatically & no need to strike in most cases,the tension of the line hooks them as they bolt off, but beware..........allways leave your bait runner switched on so they can take line & attatch a bait allarm to your rod rest so when they take it & swim off they will take line & your bait alarm will tell u your in ))))) run like hell i bet your in the next peg talking to some guy.lololol Another problem : can cause tangles sometimes.......i use a 3 way swivel from the mainline, but i should probably should be just attaching the hook length to the mainline with some sort of loop attachment which i havnt yet tryed.... i cant really comment on how close the hook length should be from the float iv had mine 2 feet from the float & it works well & i use a 8 inch hook length from the mainline, a pike float & a 3 oz led, the heavier the lead the better as you can tighten your mainlne a bit more for the bolt rig style... another prob i encountered on deep water's is the fact that you have to try and cast a massive length of setup....& vertually imposs to cast over head if you have trees above. so i just do underarm casts as the fish are normally just under your feeet, so i cast around 2 rod lengths out & put a few freeby baits around mine.
  8. wicker dave's link explains exactly how i fished follow his link.
  9. Well i thought id come back & let you all know what the camera is like Im impressed...The camera is a winner for me Totally easy to use, no red eye, awsome pictures & great zoom capabilitys. no let downs on the quality side of things.... the negatives: i was using normal batteries & wasnt impressed with the life of them. i havnt yet tryed the 2500 mah batteries that came with it, il save them for a day out , & the flash wasnt all that powerfull. There are plenty of power saving options and things to turn off which i havnt yet fully tested, perhaps that will pre long the battery life. or maybe il just get some better batteries but all in all it does what i want it to with awsome picture quality no blurring even when i shake the camera whilst taking the shots, it must have anti shake built in ...
  10. It seemed to have good reviews most were 4.5 and 5/5 review so il see how it goes . thx to all for the help been great!
  11. im not an expert on camera's, & i assume your joking about it being rubbish iv just ordered the a700 i really hope your joking there mate & i cant cancel now it's on its way to me
  12. Hi thx mate....I had a few problems getting hold of the a620 from photo sense & most other places didnt have any in stock, but it did say on there sites that it was in stock....i placed the order with fotosense & rang them a day later asking them if it were sent,they said it isnt in stock & they would have them wednesday & sent it thursday so i rang them again yesterday & asked if it had been sent again & they said erm... im sorry we wont have any in till a few weeks maybe even longer so i decided i wanted a camera soon as possible & dropped the a620 along with the variangle & went for the canon a700 with 6x zoom & 2.5 inch lcd. tell me its a good camera
  13. i see the price for 250 but cant find the actual shop when i click on it... any ideas what shop that is for 250?
  14. I see, i wish you had said all that before steve!!! But i can still cancel the camera & order a different camera, if i were to change this camera & pay an extra bit of cash which camera should i go for then, for good shutter,low noise,flip screen a camera which is good for wild life aswell as taking just still pictures il be awaiting your reply so i can re- order. can anyone find it cheaper than this camera I must get it ordered today, i wont get time rest of week , can anyone tell me if the canon S2IS is better than the canon a620 in most accounts...please
  15. ]fish 2[/url] And this was the 17 pounder Had nobody to take my picture on that one sorry...but i just brought myself a new camera with swivel lcd so i can do it myself now I hope these pics are not against any rules
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