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  1. multistrand got it on order......thx guys..hope i get better results on the controller with this line. il let ya know how it goes.
  2. where can i buy some of that multistrand..... can you give me a link to the multistrand line please, im not sure what im looking for exactly for surface fishing....im using a 10 pound mainline atm...i also need a good landing net i got a small 1 which wont hold 20 pounders & a massive 1 which would probably land jaws i could do with a good tack shop online if you know any. il get the multistrand & the net from there il have to order online dont thnik they have it in my tack shop. would you suggest i go 20 pound mainline & use a 10-15 pound multistrand? i dont mind spen
  3. thx guys...excellent advice....i also fancyed trying popup boilys for the surface combined with a hair rig is this advisable & how could i make my own with just basic house hold ingredients? & what ingredient should i use & what procedure would i take. thankew the bread is annoying on the controller setup they keep biting the bait off & leaving the hook ..
  4. yeh can you recommend a home made mix for boily popus so i can use them for the surface
  5. yeah it is they suck it in & out & headbutt it,poke it So il try grease line & longer hooklength thx
  6. Hi, I use a special surface fishing for carp normally with float ledger style but on some pools & pegs its important to get out further & less clumsy than my style so i decided to try a basic float controller with 2 feet hook length from float a size 8 hook & some bread. Iv been watching the fish swim up to my bait & look at it & they swim off 70% of the time,& sometimes they grab it and drop it again. could somone explain why they would do this i know its probably 1 of the following but prefere pro advice... i think its this : line drooping down from ba
  7. steve walkers diagram is exactly how i fish for big carp & i tell u now it works... iv had days of 20-30 carp biggest 17 pound on a pool i fish, but i dont think the carp go much bigger at this pool....so give it a wiz....the only prob iv had with this is if i tighten the lines to much & they take it they end up ripping the bait of without being hooked so i tighten the main line then lower the rod so it gives a bit of slack for the line that dangles with the hook bait on. so it gives them space to suck in the bait & move off......this is because im using bread though, if your usi
  8. wicker dave's link explains exactly how i fished follow his link.
  9. Well i thought id come back & let you all know what the camera is like Im impressed...The camera is a winner for me Totally easy to use, no red eye, awsome pictures & great zoom capabilitys. no let downs on the quality side of things.... the negatives: i was using normal batteries & wasnt impressed with the life of them. i havnt yet tryed the 2500 mah batteries that came with it, il save them for a day out , & the flash wasnt all that powerfull. There are plenty of power saving options and things to turn off which i havnt yet fully tested, perhaps that wi
  10. It seemed to have good reviews most were 4.5 and 5/5 review so il see how it goes . thx to all for the help been great!
  11. im not an expert on camera's, & i assume your joking about it being rubbish iv just ordered the a700 i really hope your joking there mate & i cant cancel now it's on its way to me
  12. Hi thx mate....I had a few problems getting hold of the a620 from photo sense & most other places didnt have any in stock, but it did say on there sites that it was in stock....i placed the order with fotosense & rang them a day later asking them if it were sent,they said it isnt in stock & they would have them wednesday & sent it thursday so i rang them again yesterday & asked if it had been sent again & they said erm... im sorry we wont have any in till a few weeks maybe even longer so i decided i wanted a camera soon as possible & dropped the a620 along with th
  13. i see the price for 250 but cant find the actual shop when i click on it... any ideas what shop that is for 250?
  14. I see, i wish you had said all that before steve!!! But i can still cancel the camera & order a different camera, if i were to change this camera & pay an extra bit of cash which camera should i go for then, for good shutter,low noise,flip screen a camera which is good for wild life aswell as taking just still pictures il be awaiting your reply so i can re- order. can anyone find it cheaper than this camera I must get it ordered today, i wont get time rest of week , can anyone tell me if the canon S2IS is better than the canon a620 in most accounts...please
  15. ]fish 2[/url] And this was the 17 pounder Had nobody to take my picture on that one sorry...but i just brought myself a new camera with swivel lcd so i can do it myself now I hope these pics are not against any rules
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