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  1. I did go there but match fished with my son and got something like over 50 carp (2lbs to 6lbs) on sweet Corn. I had 2 rods on Boilies but didn´t pay much attention to them, and still got 8 fish from (5 to 10lbs). As stated I'll be going there the 1st, 2nd and 3th December with some of of the the National Team (2006 World Champions) to fish for real and try and find out what fish we set the hook on ... It is my believe that there are Carp over the 30lbs mark in there ... But no proof of that!!! The guard told me that his father used to fish there, over 20 years ago, and the biggest fish he c
  2. Hi you all. So here is the final report / offer. I'll take 3 volunteers for a free 3/4 night stay over in Portugal. The dates should be; - 12, 13, 14, 15 January 2007 or - 26, 27, 28, 29 January 2007 ... You must take a flight to Lisbon airport (all in the same flight). Transfer to the fishing site, lodgement at the Rural Hotel, food + drink for your stay and the boilied seeds and Fishing Licenses are on me personally ... So, If you're interested, send me an e-mail with the dates you wish to subscribe and let's see if by the 15th December we got all sorted out so
  3. Dear Carpstar ... (and you all) Your thoughts are legitimate and I apologise for this mess ... The thing is that the land owner said something and at the end it turned into something different ... As stated I'll support the transfers, food and drink. Let me go there this weekend and by next week I'll state the final rules as for the rooms (It's very possible I support them and that way it all comes to the first form ... no charges at all ...) Of course that, if you want to travel lighter, i can have some NASH baits and/or tackle here waiting for you at special prices ... I
  4. Hi you all ... Sorry for such a long time with no news ... I'll be going back there again next weekend and next week I'll give you the final info for this offer that, of course, still stands ... I can tell you that it will be for 4 anglers max and for 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), all at the same time (organize yourselfs) , and you should come to Lisbon Airport for me to pick you up and drive you to the place. I'll give you the dates soon. You should fly over on a Thursday evening and going back Sunday or monday morning. If you want to stay by the water, I'll offer you
  5. Hi you all, I'm going there this weekend with a boat and depth sounder / fish finder to do some "work" ... Also, I'll be setteling with the manager the dates and anglers total number for this offer. See you soon and take care, Diogo Aguas NASH Oficial Representative for Portugal
  6. Thanks Newt for beliving my words and reopening the thread This realy is no bogus offer ... This is a wonderfull place, where you can fish for Carp in winter time and now it's up to you Anglers to subscribe. This weekend I'll be going there with a boat and depth sounder to go arround all the water and make a sort of a map ... and also try and look for big fish. I'll settle with the manager the date for this offer, but I think it should be something like a long weekend on January or February ... You all take care, Diogo Aguas NASH Oficial Representative for Portugal ww
  7. Hi all, I'm just wondering if any of you guys would be a volunteer for a winter session in Portugal ... You would only have to pay for the plain ticket to Lisbon or Faro and we would arranje to pick you up, transfer you to the Rural Hotel where you will be located some 500 yds away from a 1953, 60 Hectares lake, feed you (well) and give you drink (very well) and soacked/boiled seeds and even pre-bait a swim or two ... If too many volountiers, I'll have to make some sort of a contest to pick something like 4 to 6 of you guys ... I'm NASH Oficial Representative for Portugal, fis
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