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  1. I am also one of the many who never had the pleasure to meet this very well admired and respected blokes, I feel however through what posts and threads that I have read that i have known him forever God Bless you Gery,, God watch over your family through this very hard time,, You will be in our Prayers
  2. Congratulations Mate You enjoy your Kayak, and find out yourself how good it is Regards Shawn X-Factor eXtreme
  3. G'Day Just to let you all know and confirm Karls post back in August, that Stuart Sleight, AKA South African is no longer representing Malibu Kayaks or Fishyak in the UK. I would like to be informed if anyone has made an order from him, paid a deposit, or paid in full for any of our Kayaks. Malibu are just about to appoint the new Importer for our Kayaks, and will be announcing who they are in the next few days You can either PM me or drop me an email at orders@fishyak.com, my tel number is 0061 8 9309 6477, remember we are 7 hours in front. I thank you for all your help
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