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Fishing and fly fishing in Lapland and North - Norway

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Are you interested giant grayling fly fishing in a fjeld river, salmon fishing an amazing mountain river in Norway or maybe ice -fishing trip with a snowmobile to wilderness lake?


What ever your needs are, our professional guides will help you!


Welcome to look at our home pages: http://www.ahelamykset.com/42


Look also fishing photos: 2100 grayling, 23kg salmon etc... :)http://www.ahelamykset.com/65


Best regards;

Aki Huhtanen


A-H Elämykset

Puthaanrannantie 18

99300 Muonio



Office. Tel. +358 44 945 1110

email: info@ahelamykset.com



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Winter Holiday in Lapland


Crazy offer - Free accommodation! The 10 quickest one gets a FREE accommodation!


Come and enjoy the wilderness of gread fjeld region of Lapland. In Muonio and Enontekiö you can still experience the real outdoors. Whit us you can lean back and have luxurious treat and enjoy your time, but on the otherhand we can also provide you whit an action packed sporty vacation. AH Elämykset provides you whit comfortable accommodation, delicious Lappish cuisine and large selection of activities you can spend your time on here in the north. We make willingly a bid on the vacation wanted by you




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Tenojoki River


Tenoriver is a 250km (155 miles) long sub arctic river that runs along the border of Finland and Norway. Due to lacking large lakes to collect water the river floods strongly after breaking free from ice in late May. This gives the river a characteristic of a constantly changing water level. Teno is the largest natural salmon river of northern Europe.



Check fishing packages: http://www.ahelamykset.com/57


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