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A winters day and a suprise on the river Alne

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I took my Center pin and a pint of maggots for a walk up the river Alne yesterday. The Alne is a small river that joins the river Arrow at Alcester in Warwickshire (the Arrow then joins the Avon about 3 miles down river at Salford Priors)

I fish half a mile up from were it joins the Arrow, it is about 8 to 10 foot wide at this point, and is gravel runs’ and deep holes. I was trotting on some slow stretches of the river were the water is about 3 foot deep, I just feed 3 or 4 maggots and held the float back, I had a very nice if not cold afternoon, with 4 chub all of which were 2lb and a Dace at about 8oz. Not bad for a freezing cold day, the rings on my rod kept icing up. I decided to call it a day and walk back to the road, on the way back I saw a fast run with a small but deep depression at the end of it, I thought it looked to good to not run the float through, I de-iced the rings, feed 4 maggots into the fast water and ran the float down into the depression, the float buried and I missed it, I did the same, feed 4 maggots and ran the float again, it buried again and I connected with a fish, well what a surprise it was a fine cock brown trout, I was gob smacked I have fished this river for years and never seen a trout. I ran the float through again and was into a fish this time a nice female trout, what a brace, both just over a 1lb and really fit and in good condition.


I had heard that there had been trout caught in the Alne but I had never seen them and thought it a bit of an old wife’s tale. These two were obviously about to mate, both were returned safely.

Now I am planning a bit of a fly fishing venture come may fly time on the Alne.

This has really pleased me as its only 10 minuets from my house and if I want to fly fish for trout on a river I have to driver for more than an hour and a half and its free fishing.


Happy New Year


Cheers all Richard

Jasper Carrot On birmingham city

" You lose some you draw some"

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Hi Richard,


Lovely to read of your recent experiences on the Alne. I too fish the Alne, but a little further upstream, at Aston Cantlow.

I have struggled with this river for the past 2 years, ever since I joined the syndicate. I have had one chub of any note and little else in 2 seasons!


Do you have any Alne specific experience that you could pass on, tactics, tips etc that may help me.


Thanks for any advice you can offer.





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