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The T-Shirts Have Landed!

Guest Elton

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Guest Elton

A few people said they'd be interested in the T-shirts that I ordered for some of the Anglers' Net writers, so I've put up a picture at: http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/images/teeshirt.jpg


No prizes for guessing who the fat model is!!


I've only ordered a few, mainly because I'm skint, and they are in M (children), L (girlies), XL (men) and XXL (me after a kebab).


If anyone wants one, they're a tenner, including UK postage and a cheque needs to be sent to me, Elton Murphy, at Anglers' Net, PO Box 309, Woolpit, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 9WA.


Please state size. If you want one in a hurry i.e. you'd like to wear it at the NEC this weekend, drop me an email giving me the details and telling me that a cheque's in the post. I'll get them sent first class Thursday.


I'll get some sweatshirts done if anyone wants them - these will probably be to order. A sample can be seen at:



Sorry that I can't get it down to Primark prices, but I just can't order them by the thousand!


All the best,





Elton Murphy

Anglers' Net


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