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Fly casting

Guest hoppy

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Guest Umber

Hi Dave, I see Hoppy has given you the Welsh

web site. Heres another you can try, not sure it any videos on it though:- http://www.sexyloops.co.uk/ Hope you do decide to have a go, dont forget its not only for trout fishing, many coarse fish can be caught on the fly. great sport.

ATB Umber.

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Guest Salar

BIG tip - don't start learning or practising with the wind in your face. You'll wonder why you can never get it right! (In time you'll be able to cast into a gale). With a breeze behind your back you will find the leader and line flick out nicely, which builds confidence. My first week trout fishing was in Ireland, loch fishing which is a bit of a cheat because with the howling gale we were usually fishing in there was no trouble getting a long line out - but it meant I was able to develop a smooth rythmn which served well on dry land. You cant do better than have a hour or two tuition from a pro - most trout fishery managers will get you started for twenty quid or so and will spot where you are going wrong - usually letting the rod go past the vertical backwards, and bending your wrist - both no-nos. The way to beat those two traps is to imagine not letting the rod go past 11 o'clock, and stuffing the rod handle down your sleeve!

Good luck, its great fun once you master it. Pike on a fly is much more fun than trouting, and bass taste nicer so don't think its all put and take rainbow trout fisheries!

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