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Guest Elton

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Guest Elton

Through talking to various different companies, I have been able to negotiate discounts on a range of angling products. Therefore, in a bid to help maintain Anglers' Net, the ANMC has been born.


Just £10 per year will grant you access to the club, which will feature regular competitions and newsletters, as well as the discounts that you'll see.


My intention is to expand on the club in the same way that I have built up this site, but I won't make promises right here and now - just watch this space and, hopefully, you'll be a part of that growth and benefit from it, too.


The address for the ANMC is:



I hope that as many of you as possible join and that the real supporters of this site can help me to spread the word. I work hard, but realise that the power of my friends here can move mountains compared to what I can do if I go it alone.


Ten quid, I hope, isn't a great deal, but if I can get quite a few people to join, not only will I be able to negotiate more benefits for people, but Anglers' Net in general will be secure and the future will look bright.


Here's the address again:



Have a look sometime Posted Image


Best wishes,





Anglers' Net

Keeping It Virtual...

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