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it's quiet in here


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Hmmmm its quiet in here init?

There was me hoping to aggrivate a few people as well Posted Image



TROGG (Alan)


my sites here

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Guest phil dean

go away and find some friends Posted Image


fair point though, is it because people are out fishing, or just like to read the info but not talk?


I know for some people that the F&M is still stopping them fishing which must be having some effect.


If your in the North East the fishing on the wear at Durham is open and fly can be very successful both for brownies and sea trout.


tight lines


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Guest Spiderfan

Nah, I reckon its quiet because game fishing on stillwaters gets harder in July/August (especially warm-water-hating stocked rainbows) unless you have access to rivers (which I don't due to F&M) and that a lot of flyfishers also coarse fish which is an 'easier' alternative.


I tend to flyfish more from April to June and start going again in September and October.

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