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2nd Solo Offshore trip 2009

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Weather was looking doubtful for today's planned trip resulting in a lack of haste in making the launch time.I eventually launched 50 minutes later than planned at 0950.Todays intended mark was close to where I'd fished on my last Solo trip approximately 5 miles south of the Needles.


A good day ahead? I think so




made it to the mark after a few hours paddling with the help of the ebb and the sail once I'd reached the Needles.Took a route straight through the shingles and dolphin bank,hit a spot where it was 6ft deep




dropped the anchor(number 233) and let out 100metres which was ample today.It was lovely to be out at one of my favourite spots again




first fish to the yak was a doggie that was so shy it tried to hide his face in my drysuit :blink:




second fish was a new species for the year................a pout :wallbash:




judging by the look of shock on the pouts face,he's never seen a yak before :rolleyes:


pout,dog,pout,dog then the rod bent over :thumbs:


this wasn't a dog or a pout,it was actually having a go,,,,,,,,what is it,,,,,not pulling like a smoothy,,,,not headbanging like a cod,,,,,,,,,ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!




now I was feeling happy :clap2:



the ray was too,it behaved perfectly,opening it's mouth to allow me to easily remove the hook whilst sitting there quietly.I maneouvered it to relaunch position so that it could slide gently from my leg into the water.




but it wouldn't let go!!!!I think it may have wanted to hump my leg or something :o


The wind picked up in the afternoon as predicted and after getting tango'd at anchor numerous times I decided to call it a day and head for home.



Flipped up the sail and I was away :sun:




made speeds up to 9kts on my return and hit some rough spots en-route :D




the trap was playing up a good un



2 new species,21 miles,interesting seas,my kind of day B)

Team Ocean Kayaks U.K.


Kayaks: Necky vector,Flame SPTW

previous Kayaks:Yellow Ocean Kayaks Caper,Flame Prowler 13,Sunrise Ocean Kayaks Prowler 15 Trident, Perception Dancer XT


assisted rescues---5

longest paddle:65 miles

top speed under sail 11.1mph


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