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Inchcape Marine Services

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Inchcape Marine Services



Welcome to Inchcape Marine

We are the foremost provider of complete marine services based within the Arbroath area.

Sea Angling, pleasure trips, sightseeing, work boats, safety boats, commercial transfers, boat hire, fishing trips and charters.

These are some of the services available from Inchcape Marine.


"GIRL KATHERINE II" and "HORIZON" are 2 boats which are based in Arbroath on the East Coast of Scotland and are operational all year round, weather permitting for Sea Angling and Boat Hire.

These Boats have been operating successfully from Arbroath for a number of years and are maintained to comply with MCA Standards with required Safety Equipment on board.


"ULTIMATE PREDATOR" a recent purchase is a 12 metre catamaran used mainly for commercial purposes. Crew and cargo transfers to ships/tankers.

Based at Aberdeen but have operated from a number of Ports including MacDuff in the Moray Firth to Whitby in England.


And coming soon to the fleet will be a second Catamaran which will be operating out of Arbroath.


Whatever your need nationwide is for small, medium or large capacity safety boats we can cost effectively provide safety boat cover, including qualified crew, of the highest standard. We'll not only provide answers, but also ask incisive questions that ensure you consider all the possible implications, solutions and risks associated with your project.


Skippers - Alex Smith and John Smith




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