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countryside alliance a good idea?

Guest euan pink

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Guest Peter Waller

Agreeing to work with the CA ONLY on matters that concern angling sounds fine, but the reality is a perceived support across the boards in general for CA policies.


Two weeks ago the NAA could claim to be the accepted spokesperson for practically every angler in the country. In one deft move the CA has lost the NAA a great deal of internal support. Personally I feel betrayed by the NAA. Strong words, knee jerk reaction? No, just regret that we are back where we were.


With the formation of the NAA I had hoped we had turned the corner, proving that we were united and able to stand on our own two feet.


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Guest DerwentBob

Having shared a house at university with some antis I can tell you that they feel that catch and return angling is far more morally abhorrent than foxhunting or shooting. In their words foxhunters and shooters only torture their prey once but anglers keep catching the same fish over and over again (yea I know the obvious answer is that the fish can't be too bothered by being caught if they are caught again but the antis ignore that one). When asked why they target foxhunting they said that it was a smaller target, easier to isolate and attack plus they can turn the masses against the upper-class more easily than attacking a working-class pastime.


As far as I can see we can only gain muscle by allying with the CA but then I live in the countryside and can see how the antis could make a complete mess of the rural economy in my locality.

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Guest Peter Waller
Originally posted by phil hackett:

For the record I am a member of the SAA


I despise hunting with dogs be that for foxes, hare, deer, or any other animal for that matter.


I have no view either way on shooting, although I don’t shoot myself.


I live in the inner city but lived my childhood in the countryside.


I firmly believe that if pests have to be culled, it should be carried out in the most humane way possible. Live trapping and euthanasia would be my preferred option, but practicalities and animal welfare with some animals means this is not always possible. Therefore I would and do accept that shooting by an expert shot is probably the only other viable alternative.


I DO NOT support the CA but can see the logic in the accord between CA and NAA.

That said, I will not stand by and watch angling or the bodies I’m a member of, move one step closer than this accord.


If this happens, I put it on record, that I would leave the SAA and actively campaign form my group to do likewise.


In placing my views here I have no intentions, and will not debate this issue further.


Thankyou Phil, that's clear & concise, I for one feel heartened by your reply. For the sake of angling I hope the NAA will view the accord in the same light.

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Guest TheDacer

As a bit of an aside, how many anglers feel that they should support the 'League Against Cruel Sports'?


Not many, I suspect.


However, it might interest some of you to know the LACS is not opposed to angling. (And that some of it's members are avowedly anglers). Indeed it positively recognises angling as a valid and 'decent' past-time.


They are, however, utterly against the idea that people kill things for fun.


As we should all be.


I say this just so as a bit of a warning to anyone who wants to hop on this or that bandwagon - make sure you know just who is really FOR and who is really AGAINST angling. And just why their FOR or AGAINST.. because sometimes, support for angling is not all it's cracked up to be...

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I thought fox hunting was going to be OUTLAWED? Why should anglers and angling bodies support the CA. In my oppinion they are running scared,if the angling bodies unite with the CA and fox hunting does become outlawed what next OUR BELOVED SPORT ANGLING. leave well alone is my message to OUR ruling bodies.



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Hi All,


Politics is all about timing, and that's all I'm going to say on this issue.


This a personal comment and should not be construed any other way.

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I originally posted this comment on another thread.


Today there was a phone-in on the Nicki Campbell show. This usually BBC lefty approach to the ban on fox-hunting. The theme was what should be banned next. The representive speakers where an RSPCA spokeperson and the usual fox-hunting toff who poports to represent the CA. At one point she seemed willing to offer a few sacraficial lambs in order to placate the anti's. One of these was coarse angling and she actually used the term Match Angling. She seemed to be saying that anything where the quarry was not killed for either the pot or as vermin control were more cruel.

Now I can't remember if she was actually speaking on behalf of the CA, I doubt it. But this is exactly what I have been saying. Some people will go to any lengths to prevent a ban on fox-hunting.





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Guest Peter Waller

Dexter, I have a sneaking suspicion that we both know exactly where angling stands with the Fox Hunting lobby.


You use the term 'toff'. Quite a few 'toffs' go angling! Quite a few mere mortals support Fox hunting.

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Guest euan pink

peter,i am not saying i think we are less civilised since national service ceased,hell i am not even old enough to have taken part in it.

what i meant was they were all taught to use guns and just because they were didnt mean they would shoot everything in sight.

after all everyone could be taught to shoot clay pigeons couldnt they?





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