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  1. FACT will negotiate/liaise/advise/consult, on behalf of angling and fisheries, with the government of the day, no matter what the colour of that government's politic may be. FACT will negotiate/liaise/advise/consult, with the government of the day, whatever the political persuasions of the FACT representatives. FACT will negotiate/liaise/advise/consult with the oppostion political parties. FACT WILL NEGOTIATE/LIAISE/ ADVISE/CONSULT on behalf of the sport at all levels of potential influence. David Bird
  2. Cranfield - please enlighten a poor old angling politician. Please explain your reasoning / thought processes behind your statement: "I would have been more impressed if it had been written by the Labour Government." I would be really interested to know. Perhaps, I'm missing something? My enlightenment is in your hands. Don't let me down! Regards David Bird
  3. Just a thought. The PETA people are so proud of their plastic shoes - non-animal products, of course!!!! Question: Why do they support the Petro-chemical industry -probabably the most dangerous source of pollution on the planet? David Bird
  4. A personal reply to Paul Boote This personal reply to Paul is as rare as rocking horse doo doos. So don't expect a repeat or answer. Professioalism - is a state of mind - you don't have it or not. If you don't understand the premise, don't presume Bought - Do you mean, paid for to represent a subjective point of view? No! My, and other's point of view is: For the good of ALL angling. At no charge. Craven - Don't hide behind the anonimity of AN for this ill-mannered, rude, discourteous and cowardly insult. My SAA team and I are more brave and courageous for the protection and promotion
  5. Jim - I can understand your cynical reaction. Having spent the last 30 years in angling politics I could take the same view but, given a chance, with PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), we can make FACT work. It will significantly reduce the "top heavy acronym mountain", that appears to worry you so much. Latch on to "One Voice". Give it a chance - please! We've go a way to go so let's take the PMA route. Leave the bad old days behind and go for a brighter future. DCB
  6. Can I suggest that you broaden the issue and think outside the box, for a moment. Accepting that before a sea rod licence could be introduced the marine anglers would want to see more bangs for their bucks, how about looking at a wider concept? Freshwater anglers have a rod licence and get a pretty good deal from the EA. Why not, as a first step, campaign for the EA to take over the marine fisheries out to 12 miles. They, unlike the SFC's, have a better understanding of recreational fishing needs. Unification of the conservation of the total aquatic environment at a stroke, I would sugges
  7. Davey Q1 - No Q2 - Yes, Chairman of SAA / individual member of SACN and NAFAC. Soon to rejoin ACA Q3 - Yes, providing it embraced marine and freshwater angling and fisheries in a totally united package. Q4 - Yes, I've been campaigning for Q3 for some time Q5 - you didn't ask. Yes, I would support a small levy on ALL, including sea, rod licences to fund a new professional organisation. Regards David
  8. Some of you will have noticed that my posting on this thread was my first in a long, long time. The reason, in general terms, is that I grew weary and cross with the repetative crap churned out by those who should know better or those polishing their ego's that they know better when they don't really have a clue, choose not to remember earlier information and don't take on board the reality of where angling is today. I agree the ACA situation is a mess and should have been handled better. Nuff said. What we need to agree is that the ACA is a force for the good - end of story. It must survive
  9. I resigned from the ACA for many and complex reasons, I won't go into now or possibly never. I am impressed with the Chairman's letter and will be rejoining the ACA, as an individual and a trade member. WE must now get behind the ACA with total support and make sure it succeeds. DCB
  10. Angling is not a Blood Sport. Angling is a TOWN and COUNTRY SPORT. End of story. DCB
  11. I must confess I've not read all the threads. But, has anyone tried Maxima Green? Brilliant stick float fishing line and hook length - it floats. So gives excellent presentation in both departments. It's hard to get hold of, not many retailers stock it. I think it's worth the effort to locate. DCB
  12. DCB


    Elton - purely hypothetical, of course. Dunk would have contacted SAA and I might have raised the issue at the NAA. But then again 'IF' it were the case. DCB
  13. DCB


    Why do you need to know this information? Please advise. DCB
  14. The SAA already has the 'problems' of the new Hunting Legisalation in hand. It's high on the agenda of the next meeting of the NAA later this month. DCB
  15. Contact the NFA for a copy of their Model Match Rules. This should help. DCB
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