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Hi all,

Another newbie here. I've been reading all your safety advice and find it invaluable to me, my brother and a mate who have just bought our first yaks. We agreed on Monday that we were going to buy them and they turned up this morning. They are Winner kayaks and although they are chinese imports they seem pretty strong to me. I'd like some feedback on them if anyone has any. They look like the perception freedom. They are ruddered and are 12.5 feet long. So we plan to take them to sea and do a bit of fishing. Luckily we have a river at the bottom of our garden so we thought we'd try them tonight. I've never been on a yak in my life and after tonight's little venture, realise we are going to need alot more practice before heading through any surf. We paddled five miles tonight and we love them so we're going to keep going up the river (doing a bit of lure fishing) for the next couple of weeks.

To be honest, I'm bloody tired and my arse aches lol. I think tomorrow we're going to chuck ourselves off them and practice re entry a few times to see how easy it is. We have wet suits, life jackets, vhf, fish finders, flares etc so think we're geared up ok. I think the first time we take them out on the sea will just be for a bit of a paddle around without the gear. To be honest i'm a bit aprehensive. I have a lot of respect for the sea having come from a trawling family and shrimped and draw netted at times throughout my life so if you have any advice for me it would be very welcome

Thanks, G.


Picture of my new kayak below.

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Before you go paddling in any river or canal make sure that there is a right of navigation and if necessary you have the correct licence. A lot of rivers have no right of navigation and of those that have a lot require a boating licence.


If you need practice afloat I'd recommend a shallow, sheltered bay in calm weather. I started off at Runswick Bay near Whitby. That is a perfect venue for beginners.

Regards, Clive



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