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Drennan Crystal Floats

Guest OregonDave

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Guest OregonDave

I think some of these have application in the US, but I cannot seem to find a web site for Drennan in the US or the UK, or illustrations of this line of floats on the various UK tackle shop sites.


Anyone know how to contact Drennan direct via the Internet or even snail mail?


Anyone have a Drennan catalog showing the Crystals (drawings or photos), that they would be willing to send me? I'm more than willing to do some trading.


Many thanks!

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Guest davidP

The loaded crystal wagglers are the biz - I use them for practically everything. If you can get the ones with the interchangeable tips then they're even better!

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Guest paul mc

Hi oregon dave

These are great floats especially when you are fishing up in the water at distance as they are transparent and go to quite heavy sizes. They also have interchangable tips so you dont have to change floats with light conditions. You can also fit drennan starlights into them for night fishing. If you have trouble getting these let me know and i will send you some.

Regards Paul Mc

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Guest OregonDave

Hi Guys -


Thank you for your input, and I really do appreciate your information and offer to help, but I'm still totally unsure of what Drennan makes in reguards to their "Crystal" line. Tackelshop is a dealer, who carries some of the Crystal wagglers.

http://www.specialist-tackle.co.uk, references Crystal wagglers, and Avons (I know what these are), as well as a "carp" line(?).


This all gets very confusing, when I cannot find a web site for Drennan (hopefully with some line drawings or whatever of this line), and the dealer's description of the loading of the floats changes from shot size, to grams, then to "size". Shot size and grams I understand, but "size"???


Back to the original question: How do I contact Drennan or how do I figure out what Drennan offers?


Again, I really do appreciate your help.






Dave Kern

Albany, Oregon, USA


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Guest phil hackett
Originally posted by OregonDave:


Drennan Internation Ltd

Leopold Street Works,

Leopold Street Oxford




No E-mail Address though!

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Guest Newt

Dave - I found a source with pictures at www.banksidefishing.co.uk/acatalog/...agglers_62.htm . Now I need someone to explain what I'm seeing. No idea how you would attach one of these to a line, shot the line, or much of anything.



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Guest OregonDave

Phil - A very big THANX! For the Drennan International snail mail address. I will send them a letter shortly.


Phone - I'm working hard on the gravel pit. I figure the Crystals are my last grasp (gasp) short of going to the river. But the pit is just sooooo interesting. And that's a fact. Of course, a transparent float in our clear USA NW streams and rivers...


Newt - The Drennan Crystals are transparent plastic, like some of the casting bubbles I can get around here, except for the flashy top and a specific function and style. Clear still water? Clear flowing water? Basically, three kinds of floats: Waggler (attached only at the bottom - all-around/still water), stick (attached top and bottom - generally for flowing water, but don't even tell any of our Brit friends, that I maybe did a little well earlier in still water) and slider (line running freely through the body of the float for deep water fishing with a line stopper, and celebrating Canada Day, the 4th of July, and Cinco de Mayo). Check out http://www.anglersrest.co.uk or whatever for information on using a float with carp. It's a "gotcha!" Won't gotcha the carp, but it sometimes gotcha a fisherman.


Thanks to all.

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Guest DerwentBob

OregonDave: the loaded wagglers come with a weight attached to the bottom of the float expressed in grams 1.5g to about 3g. This is just enough weight to cock the float, additional shot is required so that the float sits in the water with only a quarter inch or so showing (this is typically given as 2BB, 4 No 6, 3AAA etc.).


Newt: The floats you show are the unloaded straight wagglers and these can be used on either still water or slow moving water (up to a slow walking pace). For very sensitive fishing on still waters there are another type where the sight-top is made of much thinner material, called insert wagglers. For still water use simply lock the float onto the line with a small shot either side of the bottom ring and put most of the shot in a row either directly underneath or a little way down the line (for fishing on the drop). A small shot near the hooklength to sink the bait and you are in business.


Fishing on the drop means that you drop the bait slowly through a shoal of fish at midwater, for this I would put the bulk of the shot at the required depth with either no shot or a very small shot near the hooklength.


Fishing a lift-float is more or less the opposite - bult the shot under the float as normal but put a single large-ish shot near the hooklength. If a bottom feeding fish takes the bait and moves the weight of the bottom shot is taken up by the fish and the float lifts up.


On a moving water I tend to string the shot at regular intervals down the line (more suited to a stick float than a waggler) but bulk-shotting with a small shot near the hooklength can be used as well.


Hope that helps, I've been hooked on float fishing since I was six, when you have watched a float for a few years you can even judge the species and likely size from the way the float moves. Have fun.

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