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Bread soaked in TCP for Carp!!!

Guest Gaffer

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Guest Keith Finn


TCP is an antiseptic mouth wash!.

It has a teaste and smell a lot like some of the Root Beer that is sold in the States.

It totally deadens all sensation and taste in the mouth for ages. ugh horiible stuff


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Guest davidP
Originally posted by Newt:

I'm curious now.  Exactly what harm would you expect from the blue soap mentioned for the African catfish or the ivory soap we use for US catfish?  Same would go for soap used to catch carp or barbel.  I'm not sure about the blue soap but I do know that a child can eat ivory soap and take no harm.  Carp have a somewhat more robust digestive system than children so I would expect them to do fine too.


Gaffer what is TCP?


I would have thought that provided it used natural ingrediants, particularly the dyes, perfumes etc then it shouldn't present a problem. Certainly in Africa they don't groundbait very much so it's not like the fish will get to eat very much of it. Obviously if it took of in Britain we'd soon be fishing a frothy pool because of the amount people would throw in.


As for TCP, it's a liquid antiseptic that can be used for cuts, grazes, bites and stings, boils, spots, pimples, minor burns & scalds, gargling etc. It has a strong smell.

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