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Hemp and sweetcorn boilies

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Hi guys


Just a quick question, I am looking at making my own sweetcorn and hemp boilies, nothing special I know. However has anyone got any suggestions as the best hemp oil and sweetcorn extract that I could use. Gunna get myself a boilie rolling stuff and give it a go. Gunna make 12 mm boilies.


Cheers guys



It was the fish i tell you, they were talking to me !!!
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I make sweetcorn boilies using Nash sweetcorn extract ccc I think it's called and I just use ground hemp in my base mix for seed baits. Also I'd advise using a sweetener In the sweetcorn boilies protaste or intense sweetner by rod Hutchinson are both good intense is the cheaper one of the 2 but it's saccharine based so it's very sweet.

Hope this helps


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