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Marlin, Sailfish, and Cow Tuna with www.puertovallartafish.com

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Puerto Vallarta fishing report September 2011 its been a great month of fishing all the big game fish are here and hungry, the biggest catches of the month 400+ lb blue Marlin, 260 + lb Black Marlin, 200+ lb Yellowfin tuna, 90+ lbs Sailfish, and 50+ lb Mahi mahi. its been a flip of the coin each day which is going to be better fishing the Bank or Corbetena, The Yellowfin tuna have been biting live skip Jacks and goggle eyes. Sailfish We have had lots of luck with dead bait slow trolling in open water. The Marlin have also been biting live bait mid sized skippies. mahi mahi have been biting live goggle eyes. The Yellowfin tuna have been getting bigger and bigger so expect some 300+cow reports soon, and alot more Black Marlin reports, before last week there has been lots of blue's but this last week We have caught 3 blacks all over 200 lbs. We tagged released 1 at El Corbetena and another 1 at the bank and 1 more came belly up after long fight at Corbetena. Puerto Vallarta fishing does not get much better then this the only game fish we are missing right is Wahoo which normally show up mid October.







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