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Guest Allan

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Guest Allan

I have just read on another post, that Tackle dealers never smile unless they are taking your money. For once I disagree. I will use the dealers name, as he is one of the cheeriest and helpful I have met. I was looking for Robs tackle Chippenham to get my ticket and drove past what used to be his shop three times, thinking I was lost, before the penny dropped. The shop had gone!

Lucky for me I had his phone number on my mobile. I gave a ring and he talked me to the new shop, when I turned into the road where the new shop is Rob was standing out side waving his arms, you can't beat that for service. (My wife was driving) smile.gif

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Guest Keith



I thought that posting on the other thread was a bit - shall we say - "sweeping"!


It occurs to me that some people get the service they deserve! smile.gif


Of course, I get brilliant service from my local tackle dealer - maybe because I don't treat him like Ronnie Biggs!











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Guest Gray-Catchpole

hi allan

as you may have read i was in chippenham last week, and robs is a great place, i was building a pond for my uncle, we went to robs to get some bait for an afternoons fishing, and we mentioned we may only get a couple of hours fishing as we where building the pond and wouldnt fish until it was built, the lady behind the counter said oh we have some pond plants out side go and help yourself, john went outside nad picked up around fifteen plants, we got our bait and went on to pay, she gave us the plants for free, and the time and info they gave us was great what a great bunch of people, its not often you find tackle shops like this, and the new shop is great.


ps allan , have you fished sevington lakes fishery, about 5 mins drive from kington langley, its a lovely place.



Website: http://catchpole.cjb.net



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Guest davidP

To an outsider or a beginner tackle shops can be extremly daunting places - it certainly helps a lot if you're part if the in-crowd at that particular shop. I'm not a pushy person, but I've certainly been in a few shops where it's felt like I've been intruding on a private members club and interupting ther meeting! And I suspect we've all seen or suffered teasing and snide comments from the regulars clustered around the counter drinking tea because we didn't know the difference between X & Y or how to fish Lake Z. The treatment I've seen of women who come in looking looking to buy stuff for children/boyfriend/husband and obviously don't know one end of a rod from the other has in some cases been positively shamefull!

In this regard though I don't think tackle shops are any different to any other locally run specialist shop, but it does depend a lot on whether the tackle shop is run as a 'proper' business or as an extension of the owners fishing hobby. In the case of the latter then they can be excellent when you're 'in' but a pain when you aren't.



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