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Stoney, Yateley and Anglers' Net

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Guest Elton

Spoke to Stoney the other day about his event to raise money for the Macmillan nurses at Yateley on September 7-9th.


I try to go to these whenever I can, and there's usually a few from these forums there (although we kinda failed to meet up last time!).


Anyway, Stoney reckoned that it would be great if he set aside a whole lake just for AN forum posters. This would mean about 30 of us getting together. I believe the cost is £20 for the whole weekend (correct me if I'm wrong here, Stoney).


After I finished chuckling, I picked myself up off the floor and said, "Stoney, as much as I admire your faith in mankind, I do believe that you're stretching it a bit if you think you can get thirty of the AN mob together for a weekend of fishing, eating and maybe even some drinking. They're all talk, mate wink.gif


Who's going to prove me wrong?


Go on, I dare you....think about it, a whole lake to ourselves.


Tight lines,






Anglers' Net

Keeping It Virtual...

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Guest NickInTheNorth

Never one to pass up a challenge, I'll be there.


If I can make it from Yorkshire, then hopefully no one from further south has much of an excuse.


If there are enough people interested to make it worth it I may even arrange a mini-bus and pick people up on the way.


Cheers Elton



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Guest big al

ok elton i like a challange how,s this for a responce ,not sure if i can make it don,t care.i will pay the £20 whatever.

now the good bit i work for Lloyds Tsb.they run a scheme to double the amount raised up to £500 so if only 25 of us agree thats a cool grand for macmillion nurses.so come on down boys and girls,for each of you pledging £20 you will raise £40 for charity and have a good time doing it.will look forward to the deluge later cheers big al

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