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Guest Mike aka Bigman

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Guest Mike aka Bigman


Thanks for the nice welcome chaps, don't worry I can take a windup , but look out I might give some back smile.gif

Been studying your profiles for future ammunition biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif



Regards, Mike.

SACG member

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Guest rondo
Originally posted by Mike aka Bigman:

Just though I would say hi as a new poster on this site. smile.gif

I'm a regular user on a number of other sites, mainly carp ones, and only found this forum tonight.

I like the diversity of topics on here, it makes a refreshing change from just carp talk(no pun intended) biggrin.gif

Although at the moment ,I only fish for carp, I do have more than a passing interest in other forms of Angling and hope to glean some tips on Tench, Perch and Barbel from your good selves.

Obviously in return I will try to give something back and help in anyway I can with Carping tips.


As a fairly new visitor myself i think you will be pleasantly suprised as i was.There is a great sense of humour running through the whole of the forum.And also a lot of info.as i have found out





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Guest big al

hi big man us large chaps have to stick together,based in surrey,are you going to stoneys bash at yateley?should be a good laugh,and i heard a 30 came out not long ago.cheers big al


[This message has been edited by big al (edited 10 June 2001).]

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Guest david platt

Hi Mike,

welcome to anglers hairnet, Err sack, err bag

err I know, Welcome to Anglers plastic bag, I

knew I would get it in the end,

david wink.gif

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