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Steve Townson

British Guyana

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We need another couple of guys to come along and experience the exotic fishing trip of a lifetime. We are making an exploratory trip way in one of the Guyana Highland shield run-off rivers in British Guyana. Easy trip with flights from Georgetown to Lethem/Lethem to the indian village and onwards by boat to our first campsite, all in the same day. Arrive Georgetown 16th Feb, to camp 17th Feb, 18th - 23rd 6 full days fishing and return to Georgetown 24th Feb. Return flights home on 25th early.

Anyone interested in being part of this pioneering exploration, please email me - steve@amazon-angler.com

Check out this animoto slideshow below and see some of the varieties of fish to be caught and the wildlife and scenery:


Steve Townson - 'The Fish Finder'



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