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Steve Townson

Welcome To The Jungle series on Game Fisher's Diary

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For those interested in the first series "Welcome to the Jungle" that we filmed on the Amazon in conjuntion with http://www.onlinefishing.tv Pt 1 will be in the next Game Fisher’s Diary – live next Friday on http://www.gamefishersdiary.com


Pts 1 & 2 will give you a great insight into the many ways to catch Peacock Bass, including some great surface lure action, on one of the Rio Negro 1,000 tributaries, the Rio Araca, in N Brazil.


Pts 3 & 4 were filmed on a completely different water called the Travessao in the N/E Amazon for multi-species and will show you just how diverse the fishing can be, deep in the rainforest. And you'll never see Piranhas as big as we get them here!


Exciting stuff and well worth a watch! Lots of lure fishing and plenty of fish!

"If it's doesn't bite you, sting you or electrocute you, then it doesn't belong here. Welcome To The Jungle"!


Steve TFF

Steve Townson - 'The Fish Finder'



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