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Carp Venue in Wales preferably S Wales!?

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Hi guys


I`m from Manchester and me and my mate have decided to go to Tenby for the weekend but want to spend an evening and night at a carp venue!


The thing is i`m looking for something a little more low key! Not cuz we are going to prat around, just because my mate hasn`t done and over nighter (or much carping for that matter!) and i want to show him to ropes in a more relaxed environment....you know what i mean! I`ve been to a lot of venues and its deathly silence and every splosh is fround upon.


I can think of loads of my local venues that would be highly suited and i`m looking for something identical, not a huge well known fishery, just something nice, where we can sit knowing that not every man and his dog will be there and we can have a good evenings fish!


Since we are traveling from Manchester and eventually to reach south Wales, pretty much the whole of wales is at our access, but the nearer to out final destination the better.


Hope someone out there can make a decent recommendation!




Here fishy fishy.......


140 hours of blanking at Carcus!! 2 carp runs and countless bream .


Anyone wanna chat about fishing and help a keen begginer - msn messanger - craynerd@hotmail.com

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