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Hi, right, now I have the kayak I have to kit it out over the winter ready for next spring so loads of questions. I'm one that will ask if I don't know and ask those that I do know what they are talking about!


Went out from Lulworth Cove, lovely in the cove but as soon as we got out we were straight into white water and could tell it was a force 4!!! I had second thoughts as a 4ft wave headed straight at us but the kayak was a solid as a rock and gently glided over the top. Went over to Durdle Dor but not through it because it was too rough. Loved it and cant wait for the next trip out! I have to point out that I went out with a very experienced sea canoeist friend. I had every confidence in Steve and only took a few big waves to give me the confidence in the yak.


We used some of Steves paddles which were 215s but both agreed that I need longer ones. Does anyone own a Tarpon 130t or a double, if so what length paddle do you use?


I've a feeling paddles are like rods and a personal preference but would like to know what others are using for fishing. As a complete beginner to the world of sea kayak fishing then all help and advice is gratefully received.


One lesson Steve taught me was that if I couldn't get back on it in open water then I was not to go out! I managed to get on but as I tried to roll over to sit up I caught the front seat and tipped the yak rolling straight off and back into the sea!!! I did it on the second attempt though.


Thanks in advance



One life, live it, love it, fish it!




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