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ANYONE able or willing to help please?

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TRYING to find a FOOLPROOF copy facility for DVD's and cd's from disc to disc and avi to disc etc. Basically something that will do it all? IF such a thing exists??



BUT IT HAS TO BE IDIOTPROOF!!!! Why? Cos' I want to use the bloody thing!!! NERO is, well it is, what I want to say is..........I DON'T like it and it does not like me or ANY of the pc's I have owned! So anything else please?


Nero Recode is idiot proof and uber simple to use. It wont however rip the disc which is more than fair enough because ripping a disc in th UK isn't like in the US as we don't have a fair use policy. You can find a free ripper HERE.


Hi Chris,


Have you got anything that can convert PAL to NTSC?


Nero Vision Express.

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