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Vancouver, BC Salmon Fishing Report Feb 6th, 2015

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Billy with a sweet winter fish!


Billy and Oli with a limit of winter chinook!


Our 30 foot Grady


It has been a ridiculous stretch of spring like weather over the last couple weeks! We have enjoyed some fantastic weather and some continued solid winter chinook/blackmouth fishing!


All of our trips over the last 10 days have been to the western side of Georgia Strait. The fishing has been very consistent with most trips hooking 10 to 20 winter chinook salmon per outing. There has been a mix of legal and undersize fish. The stable weather patterns looks like they are going to continue for the coming week. We are looking forward to continued good fishing and good weather!


We have been primarily using spoons as per usual this time of year. Our favourites this week have been the G Force Bon Chovy and Trailhead as well as the Silver Horde Homeland Security. We have been running our favourite Guide Series Flashers. (Madi, STS, Bon Chovy, Lemon Lime) As per usual, finding bait is quite often key to find the fish. Look for sandy flats from 100 to 200 feet and keep your gear close to bottom.


Crabbing is really starting to pick up now as well! Prawning has been good as well in the open areas.


For our European friends, now is the time to take advantage of the exchange rate. The Canadian dollar is now at .80 cents. You can basically knock 20 percent off our rates! If you are looking for a day trip or an overnight trip to the Gulf Island's for winter chinook/blackmouth now is the time! Our Gulf Island's are adjacent to the San Juan Islands and offer some very consistent winter chinook fishing! We have some great 2 day packages with seaside accommodations and 10 hours of guided fishing per day from $450.00 USD per person. Please give us a call or email to inquire!


For more info, call Jeff or Jason at Bon Chovy Fishing Charters (604)763.5460 www.bonchovy.com email: info@bonchovy.com

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Birthday winter chinook for Nick


Nick and Billy with a couple nice ones




It has been quite the week in local waters… We have seen some larger than average winter Chinook salmon and even a couple halibut back to the dock! Overall, fishing has been quite productive and the majority of our trips have done very well!


We have been fishing all over the place and found fish in all of the typical winter chinook salmon spots in Vancouver Harbour, Howe Sound, and over on the Gulf Islands. Things seem to be changing from day to day and we have found that we have had to move around a bit on some days to be successful. There have been some very nice fish around this week with quite a few of the fish being in the 12 to 18 pound range.


Jeff with a beauty of a winter blackmouth


Caroline and Dan with a limit of chinook and a bonus halibut


In addition to the decent sized winter Chinook salmon, we were also fortunate to land a couple halibut over the weekend. We will likely start putting in more effort to target halibut in coming weeks as there has been quite a few caught incidentally while salmon trolling.


Crabbing and prawning have been very productive over the last few weeks and should continue to get better. Limits of Dungeness are common and 150 to 300 prawns per soak seems to be the norm right now.


We have not been changing our gear around too much this week. We have been running Bon Chovy G Force Spoons and Green/Glow Coho Killers behind our favourite Gibbs Delta Guide Series Flashers. (STS, Bon Chovy, Madi and Lemon Lime).


We are offering a 2 day/1 night winter chinook trip for $499.00 USD per person. This trip includes 2 full 10 hour days on the water, accommodation at a seaside cabin on one of the Gulf Islands, salmon fishing, crabbing and prawning... All trips depart from Vancouver. This is a great deal that we can offer due to the exchange rate right now. This offer is valid until April 15th/2015. Please call us for more details. We can easily add extra days or nights to the package!

For more info, call Jeff or Jason at Bon Chovy Fishing Charters (604)763.5460 www.bonchovy.com email: info@bonchovy.com

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Spring has definitely sprung in local Vancouver waters! Chinook salmon are in local waters in good numbers and the average size of the fish is very impressive for early April!.. Sturgeon fishing on the Lower Fraser has also been productive this week!




Our spring chinook fishing pattern looks like it is in full swing now. The snow melt and plankton bloom has started and the chinook salmon in local waters are cruising around in offshore waters feeding heavily on herring. There has been fish off the Hump, the QA, the Bell Buoy, Howe Sound and Vancouver Harbour. In the offshore waters off the South End of Bowen Island and Vancouver Harbour the 10 to 30 pound chinook salmon are running fairly high in the water column from 60 to 150 feet down. Productive depths change by the day so pay attention to how deep each bite is too establish a pattern. If you are offshore and start hitting fish, work that area till they stop hitting.. The best tide has the been the falling tide. The one thing that we have noticed over the last week is the frustrating abundance of Pacific Grey Cod. They are out there feeding as well, and can be a reel nuisance as you don’t always see them him. Checking gear frequently has been crucial at times.




We have been running a mix of spoons, UV white hootchies and anchovies over the last week. We have been running our favourite Gibbs Delta Guide Series Flashers as usual.. (STS, Bon Chovy, Lemon Lime, Madi) We been running the Trailhead, No Bananas Force Bon Chovy G ForceSpoons as well as the Silver Horde Homeland Security, Kitchen Sink and Irish Cream. Our tackle and charter shop is open full time for the season now, so please come down for solid fishing tips and the right tackle for local waters!




Crabbing and prawning has been excellent in Vancouver waters.. We are dropping crab traps on all of our charters and prawn traps on request on our 8 and 10 hour charters…

Vancouver sturgeon fishing has been solid as well this week. The river did spike with the rain last week but it has come back into shape nicely over the last few days… Our sturgeon boat is only 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver. We should have some productive sturgeon fishing for the next month or so until the snow melt really starts. With the small snow pack this year, we may be in for a tiny freshet and good fishing all the way through the spring and early summer!




April has started with a bang and the next month is when you want to do your local chinook salmon trips! As we progress into the mid to late part of May we will shift our focus to 10 hour trips to the Gulf Islands… Give us a call if you want to head out on the water.. winter looks like its over! (not that it ever showed up anyway)


Tight Lines….


www.bonchovy.com info@bonchovy.com

604 763 5460 x2.jpg

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Right on schedule the Gulf Island’s have really heated up over the last few days! The eastern shoreline of Gabriola Island up to the Five Fingers seems to be the place to be. Our local trips have produced some fish as well off the Hump, Howe Sound and deep inside Vancouver Harbour. Sturgeon fishing has been surprisingly good as the Fraser River is staying in good shape as a result of the low snow pack this year.




Early to mid May is when we shift a lot of our attention over to the far side of Georgia Strait. This year is no exception and based on the last handful of days, the fish have arrived in good numbers. The offshore waters off Gabriola Island has been where the boats found the majority of our action. The fish have been fairly deep with most fish getting picked up from 120 to 200 feet down. As with any offshore salmon fishery, covering ground and dialing in the depth of where the fish are important for consistency. Over the next 6 weeks, the Gulf Island’s will be where we will be spending most of our time.


Locally, fishing has been ok. Some days boats are getting into a handful of salmon, and some days the be boats are struggling for a couple hook ups. . Areas that have produced over the last week have been the Hump, QA marker, the Bell Buoy, the Freighters, and Howe Sound. We should expect our local fishery to last for another couple weeks, before it gets pretty hit or miss for the month of June.




These springtime chinook salmon are aggressive fish and will take a variety of gear this time of year. We have had our best success on spoons and hootchies over on the Gulf Island’s and anchovies and spoons on the Vancouver side. Our best producing spoons have been the G Force Trailhead and Bon Chovy as well the Silver Horde Irish Cream and Kitchen Sink. Our favourite hootchies have been the green and chartreuse glow splatterback made by Yamashita. We have had the best success on the Guide Series Lemon Lime, Madi, Bon Chovy and STS Flashers.. Our Gibbs Delta Tackle Pro Shop is now open daily on Granville Island. Please come and see us for your local tackle needs and up to date reports!




Sturgeon fishing has been quite good in the Lower Fraser. Luke has guided his guests into some good numbers of fish in the 3 to 6 fish foot range over the last week. With the lower than normal snow pack this year, it is looking like the fishing will stay consistent thru May and June. Based out of Shelter Island, our sturgeon trips are only 25 minutes from Vancouver.



Give us a call to get out on the water!

604 763 5460 info@bonchovy.com



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