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copy dvd to hard drive

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this is a question for my wife, who has spent hours trying to attempt something, but just cant get there. hope someone can help.


What she has, is a dvd, of her favourite band, what she would like to do, is copy a song from it, and place it on her web site. she understands that it has copy right, and is a big member of the forum of the band and known to the band members, so once succesful permission will be sought to publish.


so is there anyway, she can cut out song off a dvd, and then save and upload to her site, her site is all about the band anyway.


hope you can help.



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Try using windows media player to rip the dvd to hard drive or you can convert it as stated in the previous reply. You could also try exploring the dvd and finding the file you want and copying it that way but media player may give you an error message about copywrite in which case you will have to change your settings in tools/ options/ ripping. Hope this helps

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