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  1. those ron Thompson reels was originally sold by dragoncarp many years ago (before the contessi) and the first lot was cheap orible monkey metal and felt unbalanced and not nice too the touch ,dragoncarp still sell them (I had a fondle recently) but they have improved the metal and the spools are more balanced and currently called the black zero (they've had many names) and current price is £15 and I think the 4" version (they come in 4" - 5" ,depending on brand) .they do make a nice entry level reel .I still don't like the feel of them though but at this price I might buy one or two as a loane
  2. i'm here or here abouts ,I look in everyday ,don't always log in as my pc has alzheimers .don't do much fishing ,too much working going on ,so nothing to post about except the odd purchase etc .although I do use facebook too & like seeing what others are upto etc . still can't stop buying centrepins .even when I find myself with free days I still don't seem to find time to go fishing .soon be next year maybe i'll get out more then.
  3. the kennet and grayling are perfect ,got no problems with quality of finish .I was going to get the line guards moved to suit wally casting ,but they're pop off (snap on) types so not bothered .but I might get the millstream one moved later (any excuse to go visit garry) barbelbarmy ,i'll keep you in mind if I decide to let the grayling go.
  4. i got a grayling perfection & kennet perfection ,I've used the kennet on a trip too the royalty ,the grayling perfection I'm saving for some winter grayling fishing (or at least that was the plan ) & i'm coming up to being two years in on my lythe floatmaster .my problem is I have the kennet and grayling perfections (both are the same style but the kennet is slightly wider and has a adjustable check .now with this new reel i'm thinking I might not use the grayling perfection (and won't when the lythe is done ) so I might get rid of that one to make room for the new reel .but not sure
  5. its that time of year again ,and thoughts of Christmas presents/treats are abound ,I myself am this weekend picking up a cheap centrepin that's my gift to myself . I say cheap ,its relatively cheap and comes with a case these are available from mill tackle The Millstream 4 ¼” wide drum, New systems to easily change over from light to medium and heavy check,fully adjustable Removable Quarter Guard,... Shaped Handles, Dark grey/Titanium finish, Brass Dovetailed Rod Plate/foot Floats & Hooks design on Rear Flange. Supplied in a Mill Tackle British made padded case
  6. I'm been reading this thread ,and have to say I prefer braid but because its not always allowed I sometimes use mono ,ultima flo-cast or mist grey lines . braid wise I've fished with Power Pro original (5strand) which was good but noisy ,then tried a few like original (fused) fireline then switched to fireline crystal then to Pp super slick (coated 8 strand)which is a very good casting braid but because I too have old cane rods whith rings braid would damage ,I've been looking at a new line that's recently come onto the market called Gliss .a crossover between mono & braid I got
  7. i'm pretty useless at remembering names ,and remembering where I've put things ,some ware safe or where I could lay my hands on them at a moments notice .and I can be a bit dodgy on dates ,but I fairly good at remembering the fish I've caught and conservations I've had and things I've read or learn't ,but ask me why I just went into the kitchen and come strait out again empty handed ,or why if I've just got out my car and automatically pressed the thob to lock the doors and set the alarm ,I have to turn round and do it again ,or why I constantly forget my keys which sit on the side next to whe
  8. I had the pleasure fishing with him at britford in 2012 and had many discussions on BFW ,and took great fun ribbing him about him having his line on his centrepin the wrong way round (I recall he was insistant ,off the top was correct ) he was a nice guy and good company . i'm going back to britford in june ,i'll give the swim he liked for roach a go .
  9. less than you'd think ,they only do small runs on a particular design ,then bring out a new one .all limited numbered editions .there's one grayling perfection left ,now I've ordered mine ,but if demand was enough they might do another run in black ,the kennet perfection is next run ,same as the grayling but adjustable ratchet tensioner (I've went a little mad and put me name down for one for later in the year ,as a partner to the grayling .) although they're made by garry mills ,you buy through the other company (by check ,I know how quaint ,my current account doesn't use cheque books (
  10. they are nice the browning revolvers ,but I think I may of found a new reel to rival my browning revolver in my affections ,I've not done too much fishing lately and decided I needed a pick me up . to get the fishing urge going .found out only two left ,so I guess only one left now out of 25 (first run of 25 in graphite ) I saw one of these ,via a facebook group and knew I had to have one , The Grayling Perfection might just sqeeze in a session with it before the end of the season .
  11. apart from a few basic's i'm self taught ,and I copied methods from mags and video's and read a couple of books & comics .and lots and lots of practice ,i'd keep doing a method until I was confident with it ,sometimes i'd copy other anglers as well .it'd be easier if I was starting today with all that the internet offers .but i'm still learning & practicing .
  12. I'll probably go to local club waters as I've a couple of cane poles to try out ,theres trout in my local small river I could go worming for ,but probably not ,I usually go fishing with family to local commercials (usually teaching my nephews different types of fishing ,I try too wean them off carp fishing) but i'm still working six days a week so I don't get out much as i'd like.but might squeeze a tench trip in someware down the line .
  13. there was /is always legal methods for fishing rivers all year round ,no need to break any laws ,just a change of methods /styles of fishing .
  14. i spent the best part of near 6 years specifically fishing for chub trying every method & trick in the book determined to get a 6lber ,which I eventually got but by the end my passion for them had wayned it was only my stubbornness for getting a 6lb fish that kept me trying (I wasn't going to let those pesky chevin beat me) I would seek out places far from the maddening crowd ,parts of the river derwent that hadn't seen a angler for many a age .I was really glad when I caught my big fish ,I remembered a classic angling quote "i'd be glad when I've had enough of this" or something along
  15. no matter how many new reels I get I always go back too my mitchells ,abu 507's etc ,I've also got a couple of reels from the 80's/90's not top of the range things either rather plain things really but they still work well ,I have a old 2lbs tc specialist rod (used too be my eeling rod ,again rather a budget general perpose 11ft rod for carp ,barbel,pike etc ,and I've my old j.wilson avon/quiver rod ,I do have some cane rods but they're fairly recent additions .as are some of my centrepins although I do still have my centrepin from 2000 that set off my obsession .again not particularly a prett
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