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What rod for a beginner?

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I would imagine you will be aiming to start off on the small still waters so something in the 9' - 9'6" range with a rating of 6-7# this will cover everything you will need to begin with. In terms of value for money and the fact that they are pretty damn good i would recommend that you look at the Shakespeare Agility Range Lots of them available from the online stores like this one (chosen at random): http://www.garryevans.co.uk/shakespeare-agility-fly-rods-save-up-to-15-6836-p.asp


They will also be able to kit you out with a suitable reel (nothing too fancy to begin with) and Fly line to match (start with a floating line with a weight forward taper) you will also need tippet material, flies, landing net ( a coarse net will do to begin with), forceps etc. and if you intend to catch and kill a priest.


I would also strongly recommend you get casting lessons to start with as it wil save you a lot of frustration in the long run.




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Shakespeare rods are cracking value. The Sigma range is even cheaper and surprisingly good.




IMO #6/7 is perfect for reservoirs but will also be OK for small stillwaters if a bit heavy. A #5 is the other way round, so worth thinking about where you're going to fish.

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