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USB Problems with VISTA

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Hi all

im not sure if i have put this up before, if your having problems getting usb devices to be recognised in windows vista try this little fix, we use it all the time in the shop, and it has always sorted the problem for usb memory sticks, although i have just tried it on fisherkings machine, it wasnt recognising a usb mouse, but it didnt work, 1st one in hundreds.


1. Go to C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository


2. Find a folder named usbstore, there there could be a few with the same name, but different dates, choose the latest one.


3. open the folder.


4. there will be a file called usbstor.inf, right click and select copy.


5. Now go to C:\Windows\Inf


6. Paste the usbstor.inf file into this folder using right click and select paste, or ctrl+v.


7. Now insert your usb device, Vista will see it and load some driver, quite afew, bear with it, it will work. (Unless of course youve got fisherkings machine)

Smelly nets.

Canon S3 IS

Samsung S500






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