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  1. may i pass on our condolences to Mr wiggly`s familly. From Gray Kerry and the boys.
  2. Poor Jan, she must be Plug Worned Out!!
  3. yes ian your correct, it is any thirty two bit OS, sixty four bit os`s see most amounts of memory no problem, the system i have at the monent started with 4 gig, and i did this in 4x1gig so i could run it in duel cannel mode, but vista and XP 32bit only saw 2.75 GB i then duel booted xp64 and all 4 GB was seen, so i went back to xp and vista 32 bit duel boot, and sold the 2 gig of ram and got 2x 512 of 800mhz memory to go with the other 2 gig runing in duel channel, of course it only sees 2.75 GB, but im only wasting 256meg and its all running in duel channel at 800mhz, runs like a dream thoug
  4. Hi all, ive just become a grand father, he he he, my middle boy Karl is the proud father. we went up to see the baby today, here a couple of shots of our lovely little Logan. look at the mo, just like his grampy
  5. Hi all, ive just become a grand father, he he he, my middle boy Karl is the proud father. we went up to see the baby today, here a couple of shots of our lovely little Logan. look at the mo, just like his grampy
  6. Hi Norry LOOK UP as a just in case, have you checked that your date on the pc is correct, sounds simple, but avg(anything really) wont update, if your PC date is incorrect ie set to a date before the latest update
  7. ive been using AVG for years now with no problems what so ever, even on vista, however, we have been testing avast antivirus, along with super anti spyware, in work, both of wich are free, working and updating on all systems, ive had both on my home machines since october, and can highly recomend both, over the last five or so months, ive seen loads of complaints/nigles with avg, im not really sure what it is, but i would bet that a nice little windows update is the culprate, but again i havnt seen any problems personally. AVAST HERE SUPER ANTI SPYWARE HERE
  8. The guys at ZDnet dont think much of it, although, i have a AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual, and if you look at the scores between it and the intel equivilent, the intel flys over it, but in the real world, are you really going to see that much difference, intel have on the other hand been weeing all over AMD for the last couple of years, so its really up to you, i havnt actually seen one in operation, but i do see a hell of alot of different CPU`s in the shop, if i had to choose and i had the money, i would probably save up a bit and go for an intel based machine, (something i have never done before).
  9. oh dear oh dear oh dear.............. note to self, check pics before making public............
  10. sorry i forgot to add a link to the ones i got printed, feel free to have a nose HERE
  11. Nice one Elt, i got my photo`s back monday, very happy, all 50 pics on fujifilm, great quality, and all for £1.50 p+p, exellent stuff, i will be using these all the time, great to see my digital shots on paper, very happy chappie.
  12. Hi all im not sure if i have put this up before, if your having problems getting usb devices to be recognised in windows vista try this little fix, we use it all the time in the shop, and it has always sorted the problem for usb memory sticks, although i have just tried it on fisherkings machine, it wasnt recognising a usb mouse, but it didnt work, 1st one in hundreds. 1. Go to C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository 2. Find a folder named usbstore, there there could be a few with the same name, but different dates, choose the latest one. 3. open the folder. 4.
  13. mine seems to be getting better the longer im with bt, still very unhappy with the amount of time you have to wait for bt to answer, then get put on hold for ages, sometimes upto 50 mins.
  14. havnt been on for ages, hope all at AN have great time over xmas.
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