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First fish of the year

Posted by viney , 22 January 2011 · 5,749 views

Spent the day fishing for carp with a mate, the original plan was to sit and wait for the whole day but after four hours without a touch i went for a wonder and saw some movement on an adjacent lake so we upped and moved, this paid off as within twenty minutes i had a fish on, first fish of the year was a 9lb 10oz common. Both my baits were withing 20 fee...



Posted by viney , 09 December 2010 · 3,238 views

Another crack at the chub on a stretch of the kennet, another blank. i know this may sound like another anglers excuse but i largely put it down to the swans, clever creatures in all fairness, every spot we had baited they headed straight for even if they hadnt seen us bait it, makes me think they have learnt the exact spots that are normally baited and f...


mmmmm bacon roll

Posted by viney , 04 December 2010 · 4,937 views

Spent the morning chubbing with steve and chris this morning, even after getting slightly lost and stuck on ice i arrived first and walked the stretch dropping my horrible smelling cheese garlic and crab paste into every likely looking hole. Steve and robby arrived as i was getting my kit out of the car, after a quick chat we set about the business of try...



Posted by viney , 28 November 2010 · 4,917 views

I arrived at the naa stretch of hambridge at around 7am, my phone was telling me it was -6, loverly and warm then!I fished the stretch spending 10 to 15 minutes in each swim ledgering paste. As i was about to call it a day around 9am back in the first swim i fished the tip whipped round as i picked up the rod i made contact with the fish as it bolted...



Posted by viney , 26 November 2010 · 4,885 views

As usual my inability to stick to a plan and go off on a completely different tangent didnt pay off.Originally i had two stretches of the kennet in mind, the first involved a ticket swap and traffic back towards it was a nightmare but on my way to my second choice i, for some unknow reason, decided to turn off early and fish a different stretch. As it tur...


20th november

Posted by viney , 20 November 2010 · 4,930 views

I returned to the widmead stretch of the canal today with a pack of roach deadbaits and a pike float purchased at the last minute on my way there. I tried 'trotting' the deadbaits at different depths and speeds past every likely looking bush and reedbed but not a single wiggle or knock on the float  will be making a trip to the fishmongers in that...


first time spinning/lure fishing

Posted by viney , 19 November 2010 · 4,896 views

Canal between hambridge and widmead:The morning started at 6.45am cold and foggy.We started off on bellwood and workes our way to the canal via pallets spending ten minutes in every peg on the way to no avail.First hit of the day felt like a big fish but the wire holding the minnow and trebles on my spinner straightened (will be contacting the ebay seller...


more of an update than an entry!

Posted by viney , 14 November 2010 · 5,257 views

Due to being utterly useless and lazy (and getting a ps3 for my birthday) i havnt done a blog after any recent trips!A day on the csas stretch of the kennet saw around 40 fish landed including a monster gudgeon of just short of a pound (im convinced it was a barbel but an older 'wiser' angler has informed me there arent barbel that small in th...


Hmmm where are my scales?

Posted by viney , 26 September 2010 · 5,657 views

Firstly dont you hate realising youve lost something right when you need it?! Anyway....River kennet @ brimpton 0430-0930A very early and chilly start due a hangover induced afternoon bedtime yesterday! I had no real optimism of catching until daybreak so i settled down and ledgered pellets until dawn was beginning to show. I decided the condition...


again the kennet wins overall

Posted by viney , 24 September 2010 · 5,627 views

river kennet brimpton, 0700-2300Two chub 4lb and 2lb 4oz and a handful of gudgeon and minnowsAfter spending the last week reading up on fishing for barbel i was very optomistic, as per usual my high hopes were not fulfilled.My plan of attack was to fish a few swims spending no longer than an hour in each, using a whittled down source boilie with a bag of...


me vs kennet

Posted by viney , 17 September 2010 · 5,604 views

And again i lost!After getting completely preoccupied with carp over the past few months it suddenly occurred to me i'd lost the joy of fishing sat in my bivvy waiting for that one fish to trip up.With that in mind my next trip planned was an evening on the kennet near thatcham. the kennet obviously upset with my neglect had brought the twins alon...


naa still water - dobsons

Posted by viney , 22 July 2010 · 5,755 views

back to the first ever lake i fished for a second crack at it! Having walked the lake a few times in the last couple of months i knew roughly where i wanted to fish, on arrival there were fish crashing exactly where i thought they would be.I quickly got both rods out and settled down with my book, ten minutes later i had a small common in the net, bla...


god damn camera phones!

Posted by viney , 18 July 2010 · 5,808 views

04.00 - 10.30 am NAA stillwater widmeadThe weather seemed perfect warm with light rain showers, but the fishing started off slow until around 6am.I opened up with a small tench that managed to run into the tree to my right but i eventually got it out! I wasnt going to make the same mistake as i received my second run and applied pressure straight away...


Frobury farm

Posted by viney , 03 June 2010 · 4,857 views

After hearing good and bad things about this fishery me and a friend decided to give it a go.  we were set up and cast out by around quater to six and settled into our chairs chatting away. The first fish of the day fell to his rod in open water, after a good scrap a nice 8 1/2Lb mirror was in the net, his first ever carp and it wasnt even 7Am yet! I...


would have been drier in the lake!

Posted by viney , 03 May 2010 · 113 views

only a short blog as the laptops broken so im doing this from my phone! Decided to brave the heavy rain sunday morning and have a crack at my first carp. Arrived at 6am in torrential rain and set up. At around 7.30 line my rod started bouncing around, reeled in a very greedy small roach that took 3 hair rigged bits of corn and a size 10! Around 20...


last bit of river fishing for the season

Posted by viney , 12 March 2010 · 123 views

Due to work, shopping and mothers day over the weekend, after work today was my last chance to get some river fishing in, after a few failed attempts lately i decided to go for the sure bet, the lambourn at shaw.I arrived after a thouroughly S##T day at work including a covering of brake fluid, in a fairly bad mood which was not improved by hitting a tree...


finally some luck (very little though)

Posted by viney , 07 March 2010 · 95 views

Started off fishing a free stretch of the canal with a mate of mine who hasnt fished since he was 9! Got off to a good start with my first ever bream in the first hour on a single red maggot with a cage feeder and groundbait shortly followed by this slab:http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1131...mp;id=837105642What a strong fighting fish! the d...


another blank....what a suprise

Posted by viney , 01 March 2010 · 120 views

kennet- Brimpton 12-16:30Arrived to find a very up and very fast kennet, found a few nice swims but couldnt hold bottom even with a 70g feeder in the slacks as the line in the fast current dragged it out of the slack   trotted lob and red maggot all afternoon and not a single bite, moving from one swim i did hook into a dead fox tho...nice!kennet side...


thank god for the ladies!

Posted by viney , 21 February 2010 · 112 views

Fished two waters today:River kennet- Thatcham07:30-10:30Trotted lobs and maggots past and under every tree and bush possible to no avail, wasnt too fussed as i got to grips with casting properly with the 'pin   Switched to magic bread at around 10am and trotted up to an over hanging tree on the far bank, had a bite but the hook pulled, had another ha...


first time fishing a lake

Posted by viney , 11 February 2010 · 111 views

Well I thought I would start a blog as i tend to fish at least once a week! Not going to be anywhere near up to scratch as other blogs on here but oh well!Managed to get a short session in after work (3:15pm to 5:30) for some reason decided to fish a lake rather than the canal as it was closer to my car (in the thatcham lakes.Having never fished a...

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