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Finally a little success

Posted by viney , 26 June 2013 · 319 views

Visited the same venue my 3lb chub came from last week, we had a look at the main river first of all but only a few swims are reachable due to thick stinging nettle and brambles so we opted to fish the backstream again.

I knew before I arrived which swim I was going to fish, for some reason it had been in my head since my last visit, it just had to produce a fish or two! Now, I am no good at the whole 'put some bait in and sit there for an hour then cast in' so I took a risk and baited it then went further upstream to fish for an hour hoping Steve wouldn't venture up and drop into my swim! After an hour I dropped a few more pellets and small blobs of paste in and left for another half hour.

It was just getting dark as I lowered my hookbait into place (paste wrapped pellet with a small pva bag of broken pellet) and as my isotope hasn't arrived yet the baitrunner was turned on just incase. Was that a jab on the tip or did I just imagine it?.....No must of imagined it. Just as I relaxed the tip whacked round and line started screaming from the reel, as the stream is only small I had to put a lot of pressure on the fish which the rod handled superbly (only the second fish I have had on it) but, what was I attached to? Barbel? Carp? Chub? Then she surfaced a rod length out, the biggest chub I have seen, I was calm until that point then I started to worry about losing it. After another tense couple of minutes she was in the net, looking every bit of 5lb. A quick call to Steve to get him to come down, luckily he was already heading my way, and the net was then lifted from the water. A definite 5lb I thought.
The scales told a different story, my estimation was pretty bang on though, they settled at 4lb14 a new PB :) A quick snap:

Attached Image

And she was back in the water, after a few seconds being supported in the flow a big splash and of she went into the dark.


The Flying Tench
Jun 27 2013 10:26 PM

Good stuff, Viney. That's a good idea putting some feed in and fishing somewhere else! I'm also not good at putting it in and just waiting.

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