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Oh so close

Posted by viney , 05 July 2013 · 354 views

Kennet near Newbury 17:30-21:30

Spent a few hours trotting what is one of my favorite stretches of the Kennet but rather than moving around a lot I concentrated on one swim and tried to get my feeding regular and accurate as I am hopeless at it!

The bites came steadily, I rested the swim for a minute or 2 after each fish (bar the 3 trout I left it 10 minutes while still feeding) a pretty even mix of dace, gudgeon, chublets and roach all mainly small with the odd bigger fish and a surprise grayling of around 1/2lb.

Then as the light started to fade the float went under and I was convinced I'd snagged the bottom, then the bottom began to move off slowly but purposefully downstream, I managed to turn the fish and and gain some line. Just as it neared the edge of the main flow my float flew out of the water trailing behind it a straightened hook. The surface of the water boiled as the fish turned and powered off. 

So off home for dinner and a quick sleep before a 2am start at work all the while wondering what I could have done differently.


Viney, try using kamasan animals or drennan super spades, if you don't already.   To be honest if your hook straightens the fish is usually foul hooked or the hooks your using are to weak, i've never had a (good strong)  hook straighten if the fish is hooked in it's mouth.

Just my experience m8.




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I use drennan red maggot hooks for most if not all of my trotting and have never had an issue with trout and chub to 3-4lb, although never until then hooked a decent barbel trotting. I will be changing my hook pattern for when there is a possibility of hooking one now though. Thanks for the advice!

I was half expecting a jibe about being a 'lesser off the top' angler causing me to lose it ;)


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Lol, I forgot to mention the lesser angler thing :).

Kamasan animals and drennan super spades are good for all species especially when trotting.  They are very strong, sharp and reliable.

Try 'em next time Viney you'll be happy with them i'm sure.

Good luck !




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