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the blog has been a bit slack...

Posted by viney , 10 April 2011 · 1,530 views

Havn't updated my blog in a while so this will include two different sessions, unfortunately no pictures as my phone wont upload them to anything other than facebook!
First session was one night on a local stillwater which proved to be a great success, my carping efforts last year saw me land numerous fish of 14lb8oz but none bigger, the first fish that evening changed this. Not the usual carp 'run' my hanger lifted and dropped for a few minutes before i decided it must be a small bream and picked the rod up, this provoked the fish to take line at a rate of knots catching me completely off guard! soon though i had a 20lb7oz common in the net! this was followed by a 14lb9oz at around 3am and then about an hour before packing up and having had no further action i changed tactics to a bag of 4mm pellets with a hair rigged piece of fake corn and cast to a topping fish at range, within minutes line started peeling off that reel! the culprit, a 21lb3oz mirror and another p.b!

This weekend started on thursday evening with a few hours surface fishing on a local still water, this resulted in a few fish to 9lb something and a lost fish of a much bigger size! As i had friday booked off the plan was a fairly early start, unfortunately this was thwarted by a drinking session on thursday night so it was around 1.30pm by the time i arrived! the afternoon was spent wondering round surface fishing with no success other than casting into trees every time i got them feeding confidently! I settled into a corner swim for the night casting up the margin on one rod and to open water on t'other, around 10.30 i was recieving line bites on both rods so i re-assessed the situation and opted for an underarm cast to the left and right of my swim with a scattering of bait over each rod. This produced 4 fish to 11lb6 until around 2am when it went quiet, 4.50 saw a very angry 13lb1 common trip up. This fish was by far THE hardest fighting fish i have ever caught, it took me just shy of 40 minutes to land him! I decided on a change of swims as my mate was coming down for bit of a social for saturday afternoon/night. After a quick chat with steve (jv44) i decided it was time for some surface fishing and landed two fish to 11lb one after the other by letting my dog biscuit drift right into a snaggy corner. The second night yielded another four fish to 15lb9oz all from the margins rather that the gravel bar that ran to the corner i fished on the first night.
All in all my two favourite stillwater sessions this year so far!

The Flying Tench
Apr 11 2011 08:24 PM
Congratulations, Viney - 2 really great sessions! Interesting to hear they were feeding off the top so early in the year

John C
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