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Trout on the Kennet

Posted by viney , 06 August 2013 · 709 views


I decided the rain we had yesterday should have put a bit of flow and colour into the river (very little as it happened) so I set off for a few hours on the Kennet.
Using typical gear for trout catching on the Kennet (quivertip, pellet hookbait and a small pva of small pellet) it wasn't long until the first showed up at around 1.5lb, it did a very...


I'm giving up.....

Posted by viney , 10 July 2013 · 297 views

On barbel until the end of August or until we have had a decent amount of rain!

Another fruitless evening after barbel on the Kennet, fished from half 7 until 11pm and the only time my tip moved was when bats flew into it. Starting to get a bit frustrated with it now so I will see out the rest of summer after carp and tench. I have never caught a tench f...


A few off the top

Posted by viney , 08 July 2013 · 304 views

Had a couple of short sessions surface fishing for carp over the weekend, the fishing was slow with many fish just cruising around, not interested in feeding and generally avoiding areas with lots of freebies. After watching their behavior I changed tactics to a BIG lump of bread flake(around half a slice) as a single bait and cast out allowing the wind t...


Oh so close

Posted by viney , 05 July 2013 · 354 views

Kennet near Newbury 17:30-21:30

Spent a few hours trotting what is one of my favorite stretches of the Kennet but rather than moving around a lot I concentrated on one swim and tried to get my feeding regular and accurate as I am hopeless at it!

The bites came steadily, I rested the swim for a minute or 2 after each fish (bar the 3 trout I left it 10 mi...


Finally a little success

Posted by viney , 26 June 2013 · 319 views

Visited the same venue my 3lb chub came from last week, we had a look at the main river first of all but only a few swims are reachable due to thick stinging nettle and brambles so we opted to fish the backstream again.

I knew before I arrived which swim I was going to fish, for some reason it had been in my head since my last visit, it just had to produ...


parts 2&3

Posted by viney , 19 June 2013 · 186 views

Part two of my day was a small back stream, worked my way down trotting every swim for 10 minutes or so, had a handfull of dace, a few roach, plenty of minnows and a 3lb2 chub which did an amazing impression of a barbel just hugging the bottom and using the flow.

Part 3 a stretch of the kennet past Thatcham, used the last of my maggots catching minnows a...


19th June part 1

Posted by viney , 19 June 2013 · 219 views

Speen moors 05:00-10:00

Spent the morning trotting, never had much luck here but had a chunky dace first trot and continued to catch at least one dace from every swim I fished with a few roach here and there. The dace were mainly small but around 10 warranted a net, the only one I weighed out of curiosity came in at 10oz .

Really nice morning although v...


Stillwater float fishing

Posted by viney , 30 April 2013 · 245 views

Seven Lakes Angling 07:00-18:00

The day started off nice enough with some sunshine so I settled down with a quivertipped cage feeder while I had breakfast, switched over to the float rod after a few hours of nothing, balled in some groundbait and a few freebies and sat it out....nothing still.
Decided to move to one of the smaller ponds containing small...


big roach?

Posted by viney , 29 March 2013 · 283 views

After hearing of a local day ticket water that holds some big roach and perch I decided to have a shot at targetting them.

The plan was to catch them on the float, I missed a couple of bites early on then some noisy t**** set up the other side of the tree I was fishing to and starting hammering banksticks and shouting so I moved to quivertipping a maggo...


Its been a while (again)

Posted by viney , 19 February 2013 · 355 views

Sunday 17th febFinally made it out for my second short session of the year (first was on the k&a and produced a few decent sized brownies).I had a few hours before work and with the reports of big perch from the canal a couple of hours with the spinning rod would surely bag me a few fish! I arrived at northcroft in high hopes, then realised I couldn't...


16th october

Posted by viney , 16 October 2011 · 4,752 views

13.30- 19.00 speen moors and k&a canalOriginally I was supposed to be going to the Barbel society day on the lower benyons today but due to work and family commitments I had to pull out earlier in the week. With everything done and dusted far earlier than anticipated I grabbed my spinning rod and tackle box and headed out.Starting off at speen moors I...


29th september

Posted by viney , 29 September 2011 · 5,979 views

River Kennet hambridge 16.15-19.302 Barbel (4lb1 3lb7) and a chub (2lb10)Another pleasant evening on the bank, fished the same swim as I have been for the last week, both Barbel on boilies the chub came after I kept getting quick jabs on the tip for around 20 minutes so I reeled in and changed my end tackle to a size 16 with just 2bb as weight and a white...


27th september

Posted by viney , 27 September 2011 · 6,006 views

River Kennet newbury 16.30-20.006 barbel, 1 chub and a trootDecided fishing was a far more attractive idea than the gym with the weather today!My guesstimation was way off the mark today, I put all the fish in the 1-2lb bracket apart from the last which was considerably smaller than the fish that came before it yet weighed 1lb14! Wish I had weighe...


25th september

Posted by viney , 25 September 2011 · 5,995 views

River Kennet hambridge 13.00-15.30 Another short session after Barbel which yielded just one baby Barbel of around 1lb which was unhooked in the net and promptly returned to grow into a monster! I'm fairly certain the swim I'm targeting at the moment is the same swim from rustys blog!


22nd september

Posted by viney , 24 September 2011 · 297 views

4pm-7.30pm river Kennet hambridgeA short unplanned trip for Barbel after work, I set up in a swim just downstream of a tree that crosses the water where it is fairly shallow with fast choppy water along the far bank with a slightly deeper slower flowing glide just downstream about 4 rod lengths out. Had a chub of around 1.5lb within ten minutes of casting...


it pays to listen to your gut instinct!

Posted by viney , 27 August 2011 · 5,947 views

River Kennet nr thatcham 9am-6pmNot quite the early start I had planned but the lay in was much needed! I arrived and set up, cast just short of the trees on the far bank a few times to build up some bait then sat back watching the tip. It wasn't long before I felt unsettled and kept getting drawn to a riffle that kept appearing on the surface of...


my return to flowing water

Posted by viney , 19 June 2011 · 6,711 views

Kennet stream 16:30-23:00My first trip back on flowing water and as is the norm I blanked...I chose a stream I had never fished before but had wondered round in the winter, on arrival there was one other person fishing there, after a quick chat and some helpful advice I was headed to a swim I had passed and sussed out on arrival.The swim in question invol...


quick session

Posted by viney , 15 May 2011 · 6,716 views

19.30-21.30 willows lakeJust a quick 2 hour session to try out a rig I've been playing around with for the last couple of weeks.Fished a single double strength pop up to the island with no free offerings, had 3 fish;2 mirrors (12b4 and 12lb6) 1 common (11lb9)The rig worked very well all thee fish were nailed in the bottom lip with very secure hookhold...


lots of commons

Posted by viney , 26 April 2011 · 6,427 views

After spending two nights trying this 'specimin carp fishing' mullarky (sitting in my bivvy smoking like a train waiting for a bite alarm to scream into action while every knob and his dog walking round the lake tell u what the 'in' spots to fish are. YAWN!) i was getting bored... But without a hefty walk said lake was the most conveni...


the blog has been a bit slack...

Posted by viney , 10 April 2011 · 1,530 views

Havn't updated my blog in a while so this will include two different sessions, unfortunately no pictures as my phone wont upload them to anything other than facebook!First session was one night on a local stillwater which proved to be a great success, my carping efforts last year saw me land numerous fish of 14lb8oz but none bigger, the first fish...

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