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Here We Go!



Well, here we go, my first entry in my blog.


My name's Gaz, I've lived in Yorkshire all my life and have been seriously into fishing for around 10 years. I class myself as a pleasure angler and fish solely for the pleasure of getting out and about on the bank, be it river, lake, pond or canal.

I fish most methods with pole normally taking 1st place when fishing stillwaters. I have started to rediscover the pleasures of rod and line fishing, especially on the rivers.

I wish I had more time to actually get out there and fish but work and family committments tend to limit my fishing time dramatically. Don't expect tales and yarns of fishing adventures as the stories and tales I relate on this Blog will probably be few in number.


At the time of writing I am currently feeling sorry for myself having been struck down by a very aggressive cold! :D The worst part about it is the fact I am currently supposed to be enjoying a week off work, but so far have not had any interest or inclination to go out and about, fishing or otherwise. Typical huh!


Not much else to add for now.


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