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    Coarse Fishing - bordering on obsessive (according to the wife)!!!!<br /><br />The Great Outdoors<br /><br />Family - a hard but necessary job!

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  1. Hi Stu. Follow THIS LINK to see how to elasticate a pole. It runs through the complete process. Hope it helps.
  2. Thanks very much guys. At present she's a bit unsure of what camera she requires. The details given by the college were very sketchy indeed! I think I'll have to lend her my own "underspec" point and shoot digi until she finds out from her tutor what she really requires. I'll come back for suggestions and recommendations when I have this information. Once again, thanks for your replies chaps.
  3. Hi Steve. Not much info available unfortunately. I'm just looking at a piece of paper which gives a (very) brief rundown of the course. Entitled AS Photography. I don't think an SLR is required, judging by the info a point and shoot would be adequate as the bumf encourages students to begin to carry their camera every where they go, you never know when a photographic moment might occur (how very true) Sorry I cannot be more specific.
  4. My daughter will soon be embarking on a photography course at College. As part of the course she is required to have: A digital camera (4 megapixel+) Memory card (64mb+) Rechargeable batteries and charger Memory stick (128mb+) Ideally if all the above came as an outfit would be good. Could anybody please give me any advice or recommendations on good packages. I'm buying so obviously I don't wish to spend a fortune, what sort of price would I be looking at? I'm very worried!!!
  5. It aint going to happen Julian! The rods and gear are all safely stowed and waiting. As luck has it I have the opportunity of an afternoon session this weekend! Believe me, once I'm on the bank all thoughts of losing the buzz and selling tackle will have completely evaporated. I'll tell you something else too, I aint half excited about it!
  6. Ditto mate. I'd have loved it, doubt if the wife would! I can't see there being enough shops in the vicinity to satisfy her!
  7. Some decent gear there mate. How come you're selling up?
  8. I'm sorry but it's the same old argument. If they don't get what they want they shout and scream, play the race card and generally kick off until they get their own way. With what has happened during the past week I feel they would do themselves more favours by keeping their heads down until the fanatical Muslim news blows over. I'm afraid feelings are high toward many Muslims, in many cases due to ignorance. By spouting off about demanding special treatment for Muslims, they are playing straight into the far rights arms.
  9. I'm afraid to say that at the present moment I seem to have "lost the buzz" too Stu. My situation has nothing to do with beating goals and targets, my predicament is purely down to having too little time for my fishing. Unfortunately for me work tends to stick it's nose into the majority of my fishing plans lately. I even considered selling my carp gear as it wasn't getting anywhere near the use it deserved. I know for a fact that when I find the time to get back on the bank all thoughts of selling up, losing the buzz etc will immediately disappear. One thing I do is to not concentrate on one species. Don't get me wrong, I love my carp fishing. But I always try to find time to pleasure fish for general coarse species too. It seems to keep the interest going with the different varieties out there.
  10. Adding to Robs reply. Another way of tackling weedy waters is to use rig foam. The buoyancy of the foam allows a relatively light bait to gently fall through the water and settle on top of the weed.
  11. Top fishing mate, well done. You can't beat that feeling of having a great days fishing can you. I'm usually busting a gut to bore everyone in our non fishing house when I have a good days fishing but they just don't understand my excitement.
  12. I've often thought that myself Den, what's the flashing bit all about?
  13. It seems to me there is a somewhat large number of so called anglers who think t normal practise to leave all their crap behind them purely and simply because tey cannot be arsed to take it home or dispose of it responsibly. You cannot just blame the young uns either. I have many times walked passed pegs on the way to my peg and stopped and chatted to middle aged and even elderly anglers. At the end of my session I have then walked past the vacated peg to find rubbish strewn along the bank. We do ourselves no favours as anglers, it is one of the main bones of contention the members of the public have against the sport we enjoy and love. We call ourselves the eyes and ears of the waterside, not very convincing is it when the general public are confronted by obvious angling rubbish!
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