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Fairly quiet today.



17th Feb Berkshire lake and various stretches of the K&A


Back out with the lure rod following yesterdays success. I started off in the shop once again, spending more money on lures. I thought lure fishing would cost me a lot less money than carping, but so far it's cost me a fortune.. it's certainly addictive. I'm even thinking of buying a new rod already... I've only used the other one 3 times :unsure: .


I'd intended on fishing the stretch of canalised river again, but was met with an armada of canoes participating in a race. I couldn't see the fish playing ball with all the disturbance so I hoped over the fence and did a lap of the lake I spent the previous year carping on. I'd seen a real big fish in there a year or so back but nobody every fishes for them so it's potential is largely untapped. Not a lot happened in the end.. I spooked a double out of the edge and managed a small jack.


At a loss of what to do I went back to the K&A where I caught well yesterday and half heartedly gave it a go for 45 minutes without a touch, so a mate and I hurried down to a new stretch for the last half an hour of light. I ended up with 2 pike to 7lb or so, and a 1.5lb perch. He had 3 perch to 2ish and a small pike. There was plenty of predator activity down there so I'll be giving it a proper go next time I'm off work.


Hopefully I'm going to give a stretch closer to home a go if I can get off early one day this week. If I get down there for the last bit of light hopefully I can at least locate the bait fish that seem to spend 20 minutes dimpling in the half light.

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"I thought lure fishing would cost me a lot less money than carping, but so far it's cost me a fortune" - Haha! Many have fallen into that trap :)

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