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  1. Lewis Porter, Group Marketing Manager of Fox International, said: “We have been sceptical of the Angling Trust in the past but since Jamie Cook became the CEO we have started to see all of the good work that the Angling Trust and its staff are doing. During the past 12 months of the Coronavirus pandemic, the way that the Angling Trust under Jamie’s stewardship has represented the pastime of angling, the anglers themselves and the businesses that rely on angling, has really brought home to us the important role they play and the importance of having a strong voice in the future." Full de
  2. You've been watching too much Wicked Tuna
  3. Article here - https://www.anglersnet.co.uk/news/wildlife-groups-back-anglers-in-bid-to-save-fishing-at-sevenoaks-wildlife-reserve/
  4. This must have been a tough year for the 'bricks and mortar' tackle trade. Any news from your neck of the woods?
  5. Hi, Welcome aboard! It's a bit quieter in here than it was years ago, pre-social media, but fire away with any questions in the appropriate forum and you should get a helpful reply. Tight lines!
  6. Here's where we're at: https://www.anglersnet.co.uk/news/angling-trust-submits-case-for-removal-of-travel-restrictions-and-a-resumption-in-match-and-night-fishing-when-lockdown-is-eased/
  7. You're right, as well as the occasional dead ones, there have been a number of reported accidental hook-ups. It would take quite a dedicated skipper and crew to target them specifically, I'd have thought, but there are bound to be a few out there who are fed up of pulling cod and bass over the sides day after day.
  8. I spend a lot of time on eBay and some cool stuff often turns up. If I was rich and had a stately home, or something, these would be on display somewhere! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/c1900-Victorian-collection-80-Salmon-mainly-Gut-Eye-Fly-Fishing-Flies-to-3-5/193887486986
  9. It's getting closer! https://www.anglersnet.co.uk/news/good-progress-on-a-possible-catch-tag-and-release-bluefin-tuna-programme-in-2021/
  10. Welcome back! Bit quieter here nowadays, but there are a few familiar faces hanging around
  11. Cheers. It's reassuring to know that she should be able to get developing done, then. As for polaroids, I have no idea what you mean
  12. No, it will cease to exist in paper format.
  13. Elton


    Watching the replies with interest....* . *turn 50 next year
  14. My daughter has asked for a film camera for Christmas i.e. the sort you have to get developed. Quite why, I don't know. Can you still get the film developed, or is more of a home thing nowadays?
  15. I guess this a sign of the times and many of us will look back at the golden years fondly. I'm surprised any magazine is surviving at the moment. I can't remember the last time I went out and bought one. For many years, they've become an impulse, one-off type affair for many of us. It's sad, really. Magazines and comics defined my youth!
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