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  1. Elton


    I'll get someone to look at this.
  2. Blimey! Was there an election? Must have missed it....
  3. I don't think Newt is English. Great guy, though, and he has been a big part of this forum for many years. It was great to meet him when he visited and fished Wingham
  4. Elton


    This is something that will, hopefully, get sorted. My mobile phone definitely shows a different version that fits on screen, so I'm not sure what you're experiencing yet.
  5. That's possible. Either that, or it got washed away.....
  6. Went to spec-out a marina here yesterday. Big wedge of cash, but I think we'll be happy there. Once I've signed on the dotted line, we'll start taking a few photos and videos and, time permitting, write a bit about the fishing. Now quite Sailing La Vagabonde, but picture a supermarket own-brand version of them
  7. Elton


    Hopefully, once this new forum has finished doing all its maintenance stuff (honestly, it's been processing stuff in the background relentlessly since the upgrade!), we'll be able to update these tired old emoticons. Gotta start moving with the times....
  8. La Vagabonde is a great boat. I watch them on YouTube for a break from mundane life - they're a sweet family and Nikki Henderson is no mug. She'll be fine
  9. I pressed ‘Confused’, ‘cos I can
  10. That heart thing seems to open up a few different options, all of which probably mean something to my kids
  11. Mine just seemed to work on an old iPhone 6. What device are you using? I'll see if we can find anything out.
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