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  1. Guess which day we were due to move it? Yep, Lockdown Tuesday! I give up...
  2. Other half has been quarantined and bed-ridden for a week with suspected coronavirus. Started with sore throat and fever, then aches, massive fatigue, loss of appetite, headaches. Running around after three kids, one of them just 2-years old (and hiding the fact that his mum is missing from him) has nearly wiped me out, too. Sod this poxy virus! On the plus side, my family can now make a bog roll last a week! Stay safe out there, folks. This thing is killing those less fortunate than us. P.S. First two days of 'lock down', I had to kick four people off the farm (they 'wandered' off the path). I even saw people with an Ordnance Survey map on their exercise. Thankfully, the novelty of being on 'holiday' appears to have worn off now and we're only seeing the usual local dog-walkers.
  3. Ingredients for an interesting stew right there!
  4. I've got a Laser Rapier 2, too. Is that acceptable?
  5. I'm about a mile from Baylham....they've had some pretty significant finds there
  6. Update: I've been paying for a marina berth for months, at great expense. My boat remains tied to a mooring in a different river Fingers crossed, a friend and I are moving her next week. Come the zombie apocalypse, you'll find me fishing on the River Orwell.
  7. Well, I hope they weren't lying when they said blondes have more fun...
  8. My other half texted me the other night, as she was stopping at Tesco and wanted to know what we actually needed. "Just the essentials, love." She came home with two punnets of grapes, some firelighters and a box of hair dye!
  9. There's a bit about the new licences here --> https://www.anglersnet.co.uk/news/angling-legend-john-wilson-mbe-honoured-with-new-rod-licence-images/
  10. I saw them mention on Twitter that their loyalty scheme has ended. Not sure what that means to those of you with point accumulated.
  11. Elton

    Falling in

    I'm with Phone on this. If you haven't fallen in yet, you're not trying hard enough!
  12. Interesting....but I'm still using mine!
  13. Elton


    I'll get someone to look at this.
  14. Blimey! Was there an election? Must have missed it....
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