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Chris Plumb



River Kennet - Nr Newbury


0730 - 1745


Cold and overcast with a raw easterly wind - :cold: though thankfully reasonably sheltered on most swims at this venue. Max temp all day was 2ºC though judging by the times the line was freezing in the rings it was close to or below freezing for all but 2 or 3 hours around midday. WT 43ºF River clear with good flow.


10 Chub; 8 over 2lb, best 3, 4lb 12oz, 4lb 6oz, 4lb 3oz. 18 Perch; all small except for one clonker of 3lb 3oz!. 3 Pike; biggest 7lb 4oz. 22 Dace; 2 worthy of the scales one at 10oz and a really nice fish of 12oz. 1 Bream; 1lb 6oz, 6 Roach; 4 of which in the 6-8oz bracket, 1 bleak; 5 brownies to 3¼lb.


Plan C! We had hoped to be fishing further upstream for big dace but we couldn't get the required permissions. We also considered a trip to the Itchen but in the end settled for this venue - which is becoming a bit of a go to when conditions are as sub-optimal as they were today (see also, blog entry for 19 January).


The day started with a toss of a coin as both Paul and I wanted to begin fishing where the chub were all holed up last month. As it happened though they were spread throughout the fishery so whilst I won the toss and did get my biggest from the hotspot I also caught decent chubfrom 6 different swims - as did Paul who had a near idientcal return with 7 chub and the same number of 4lbers as me.


As usual the day was spent wandering the fishery and dropping into pretty much every likely looking swim (at least twice!). And like last time we took a couple of hours out to hunt for preds - though this time it was me that was after a pike or two - as I'd not caught one this season. My big perch though was a bit of a fluke - caught trotting maggot when after chub - my 1st ever 3 from this venue!


My best chub of the day.



3lb stripey



Me in the swim where I had my big perch.




Under the dogwood in this photo (far bank) was black with chub - we just couldn't tempt them out into the open!





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Bit pointless to add a seperate blog that would cover the swims being fished, so, without hijacking, just to add a couple more pictures to this blog.


One of my 4lb chub,




And, this took me longer to get than the time I spent in some of the swims I fished !! Probably explains why you catch more than me...I just love being out in some of the locations that I am privileged to have access to.


First signs of spring......on a chuffing cold day!



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