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VAC League Match 3-Newlands Hall, Moat Lake-July 7th




A hot, sunny, still morning greeted us when arriving at the venue. I was grateful to draw the far side (from car park) of the lake as that side was fairly shaded by the trees behind the pegs and the trees and bushes between the pegs.


My plan was to catch 100lb+ of carp from the 5m line on paste and the margins on corn or bunches of dead maggots over groundbait/dead reds/corn feed.


What actually happened was that I struggled on the paste so switched to 6mm expanders and caught lots of crucians, unfortunately I was fairly sure I would need some carp to compete so I kept trying paste or double corn without much luck.


I had a look in the margin now and then but a bunch of maggots would always get snaffled by a small roach or a tiny carp, towards the end of the match I managed a few carp by fishing paste on the margin line.


I was using one of my new Sconezone V6 line through floats in the margin, they are very well made, extremely tough and occasionally they even go under!


I could hear AllanB to my right catching well at times and it sounded like he had some better size carp.


When the scales got to me there was a 57lb and assorted lower weights, my mostly crucians with a few carp went 33-4. This only got me 9th place (must try harder!) as can be seen in the match report HERE.



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