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  1. Enjoy your retirement Steve (and Peggy).... more fishing time... yay! On a more selfish note, we have very much enjoyed our trips to the fish-in over the years (thanks to you both), so please encourage Matt and India to continue them!!
  2. Went to the River Ouse near Bedford, it was VERY windy coming right at me. Didn't catch much but did manage to catch the target which was a decent Perch, also lost one unfortunately. A maggot feeder with a hook bait of Lob worm tipped with a red maggot was the method.
  3. looking forward to it as always, whenever it happens! Good luck with the new roof Steve
  4. Hi John, I match fish mainly and use expanders alot, for skimmers/bream and for carp. They can be used on the waggler for skimmers, usually feeding a few of the same by catapult. As you guessed, can also us a little cage feeder to feed wetted 2mm pellets with an expander on the hook as long as it is just a short chuck.
  5. Yes, that's what I thought which is why it was removed from the water hastily!
  6. I spotted something lurking by our platform... https://youtu.be/PbEGsns8odM
  7. Thank you Steve for the invite, always look forward to the Wingham fish-in. Many thanks to the baliffs for all their hard work and of course Peggy for a great BBQ. As others have reported not a great weekend for the Tench feeding but I managed a couple and a few Perch and at least it didn't rain! Catches: Tench 5-0 male 5-12 male Perch: 2-11 2-12 2-14
  8. Hi Steve, We will really miss coming to the fish-in this year as we will be in Spain for the week, unfortunately we were restricted by a couple of factors as to when we could book it. Hope everyone catches lots. Colin & Jo
  9. Thanks for all your comments, I think I will be in the AT week after next with the PB. Keith, this was from a venue we can fish on the VAC ticket in Herts, see VAC forum for details
  10. I don't get out much other than club matches but I finally managed to get out for a lure session after perch. Only had two fish all day but I didn't care!! First was this one at 3lb 3oz And a while later this new PB of 4lb 6oz
  11. I would guess the issue is compounded by the various lines etc we have access to. I use Prologics XLNT 8lb which is an ultra fine mono; 0,22 in fact. so in a lot of cases my 8lb line is virtually as fine as some standard 6lb mono etc Kiri, I don't call that "ultra fine" I have an 0.18 line on a couple of my spools which is rated at over 9lb bs! It's called Teklon Gold
  12. Hi Paul, As Mat has written you could try longer/heavier float and perhaps placing a shot on the bottom to try to steady the rig as lift method but not sure the crucians would tolerate this. Did you hear about the Crucians caught from Johnsons last Saturday. 2x 4lb 9oz and a 4lb 10oz! (apparently scales have been sent off for checking)
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