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1/2 August

Chris Plumb


Marsh Farm Fishery, Nr Godalming


1830 - 1100


Hot and Sultry start - car thermo was reading 34ºC when we pulled into the car park. Dawn greeted us with heavy showers and rumbles of thunder - though the cloud cover was good for the fishing!


15 Tench; 9 over 4lbs including 2,5s - biggest 5lb 4oz. 10 Crucians, 5 over 2lb - best 3 went 2lb 14oz and 2 at 2lb 12oz, 5 Roach and 5 Rudd.


Thank goodness for Marsh Farm! After a dismal July (angling wise) it was very nice to get my string pulled by my two favourite summer species. Slow start after a very hot day I didn't start to catch regularly until after 0130 - but the heavy cloud cover in the morning kept the fish feeding well after breakfast was taken! Paul had an identical haul of tench and whilst his biggest was also 5 something, he also had a lot in the 2lb bracket - he did however thrash me on the crucian front - landing no fewer than 23 - with 7 over 2lb and a top weight identical to mine at 2-14. Most of my fish fell to float fished meat - Paul caught on a more eclectic range of baits - paste, meat and fake corn with a few fish falling to the feeder.


A couple of pics - one of my 5lb tincas.




Paul's biggest Crucian



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