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Did another early morning session today – first time on another new water! I’m getting about a bit lately! Lovely lake of about three acres with more features, bays, points, snags, pads and back waters than you could shake a stick at. I went up with Izaak for a quick reccy at the weekend but he started balling ten minutes into the job so I had to come home, but saw enough to know it was worth a stab (couple of good doubles and one perhaps a scraper twenty).


Got there at dawn with the intention of fishing off the top, and quickly found some stunning mirrors in the margins – only problem was that I could not get their heads up! They were up and down the margin every five minutes but proper tails-up and heads down – not interested in surface baits whatsoever, even though it was only about a foot deep?


Just happened to have some particle mix in the car so went back, changed tack and used a bit of maize from the mix as hookbait. For the next two hours they mopped up big time, inches from the bank, but could not get a pick up. Very frustrating – If I’d have had a worm I reckon I could have nailed one in a matter of minutes. Some you lose, eh? :wallbash:


Plenty learned though, and some stunning fish spotted, a group of three mirrors kept coming back time and time again. Two were about 14-15lb and the third was about 19lb – a lovely lightly scaled mirror with a very long body.


A couple of coarse anglers turned up at about 7am, set up right opposite, and started hammering in poles of every description for about twenty minutes. That was the last I saw of the fish. Decided to pull off early as I was only getting more wound up the longer I stayed so stopped off at Deep Hayes on the way back, and snuck a nice 13lb mirror off the top. There were a few kids on with it being the holidays so I had an audience for the duration – just glad it stayed on!


Right, were did I put those worm rigs…




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