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From one extreme…



Went back to Deep Hayes last night for a few hours surface fishing. I went in the evening as a friend has joined but he’s not as keen on the early morning sessions as me so we went down after work!


Straight away I noticed a massive difference in the behaviour of the fish. Although they were about in numbers like normal, they were much more on edge and were much harder to get going – no doubt because for most of the day they had been subjected to all manner of ‘approaches’ from the local school kids, who now on summer holidays, were occupying quite a few swims, though in fairness, the main competition between them seemed to be who could shout the loudest! – better that than stuck at home on the Play station though, I suppose.


Either way it was a good hour before I managed to connect with my first fish, a little mirror of around 7lb. As the fish neared netting I could clearly see the dog biscuit just inside its mouth, but once netted and up on the mat I was amazed that the hook and biscuit had now moved deep into its mouth. I always carry some long nosed pliers but even with those it was a job to reach the hook and get it out. The only thing I can put it down to is the barbless hook (which unfortunately the club insists upon) as it must have dislodged immediately upon netting before the fish tried to take it further back. Another example of how they can end up doing more harm than good, in my opinion.


Shortly after the sun dipped below the trees behind me I moved around the other side of the lake to fish areas that were still in sun allowing me to spot the fish, but the remainder of the session proved extremely frustrating. I was hooking them but just could not bank them – I think I lost around seven fish on the bounce. I don’t think any of them were particularly big, but once hooked they went hell for leather to reach a huge set of sedges and as I tightened down on the run each one would become the eventual victor.


I managed to bank one at the death, a nice plump mirror of around 9lb, but I can’t say I was overly pleased with the evenings events and I might just have to concede that it’s best to stay away from that swim. The odd thing is that the other week I banked about nine fish of the same swim within two hours without one fish trying to make it to the sedges – I was able to play all in open water. The only difference being that it was on one of my early morning sessions – food for thought?



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