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22/23 August

Chris Plumb


Harris Lake - Marsh Farm Fishery, Nr Godalming


1830 - 0900


Warm, balmy night under a full moon.


14 Crucians, 7 over 2lb, best 2 - 2lb 14oz & 2lb 10oz (smallest 1lb 7oz!). 14 Tench - all bar one over 3lb, best 5lb exactly. 2 Roach - a tiddler and a fish of 1lb 2oz, 6 rudd - all small and 2 perch ditto.


Well I think I've got those 2 species out of my system for another summer - simply cracking session which started with 4X2lb+ crucians in 4 casts! Paul got off to a slow start and for awhile it looked like I'd win the unofficial numbers match - but my swim went quiet at 0430 and a late flurry on the feeder saw him over the line with 16 crucians and 19 tench (I think that's right???) and whilst he only had a couple of 2lb crucians his best tinca went 5oz shy of 6lb. All my fish on the float - as always, with meat or maggot catching all my fish from a swim that I've never fished before but had my eye on since our last trip. Paul also dropped into a new swim - mainly to be sociable - and near enough to supply copious mugs of tea throughout the night (and partake of our now traditional breakfast fayre!).


A couple of piccies of the biggest of each species....



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Nearly right....I had 20 tench in total, although one of those was a massive 6ozs!


For me it was one of those sessions where I should have gone with my usual tactics rather than persevering with what I had been told was the currently working method, and bait!

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