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30/31 August

Chris Plumb


Newbury AA Stillwater - Thatcham.


1930 - 0600


Mild night, quite breezy at times - temp didn't really get below 15ºC


2 Crucians, 2lb 1oz, 1lb 10oz. 3 Carp; a Common of 10lb 1oz and 2 Mirrors of 9-10 & 9-06, 1 Bream 2½lb.


Paul set the bar rather high for this trip as he visited this swim on Tuesday night and caught 6 crucians of similar stamp to my 2, a fan-tailled goldfish (an old friend, we've both caught it before!) and 3 carp to 14+lb.


So expectations were high and during the early part of the night looked like being delivered in full - especially as both crucians came in the first couple of hours of darkness and my swim had lots of fish topping and rolling. Bites and activity came to an abrupt halt at around 0200 - really quite sudden, like a switch had been flicked - and the last 4 hours we spent staring at a stationary float. Had intended to stay a bit longer but a kip and some brekkie rapidly became the preferred option! Would love to know why they suddenly switched off like that!


Piccie of the 10lb common...



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